Body Of 19-Year-Old Kerala Youth Dumped In Front Of Police Station

A 19-year-old youth, ​​Shan Babu, from Kottayam, was allegedly murdered. His body was dumped in front of a police station in East Kottayam after being beaten to death. The police have identified his death in relation to a gang violence case.

Shan Babu’s body was brought to the station by  KT Jomon. He claims to have murdered Shan Babu owing to a clash. They both belonged to rival gang groups who were involved in the drug pedalling business. A fight had erupted between the two and KT Jomon wanted to attack Shan. He asserted that he has no intention of killing him.

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As per the police reports, KT Jomon tried to escape from the station but he was caught on time. The District Collectorate and the office of the Superintendent of Police are located close to the Kottayam East police station. Jomon has been on the police list of notorious criminals for quite a while now.

A couple of days before the incident, Shan Babu’s parents had filed a missing case at the police station. They shared that he was kidnapped in an autorickshaw. There was a search party sent to locate him. The police records indicate that there have been no criminal records against Shan. It was a few days later that Jomon brought the body of the 19-year-old youth to the station.

The police immediately took Shan to the nearest general hospital but the doctors declared him dead. The police have started the further investigation and are currently in progress.

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