Boating Services Are Now Open In Ponnani

Do you know what’s better than vacationing at a hotel or chilling at the beach? It’s basking in the Kerala sun as you embrace the beauty of Bharathapuzha. The boating services at Ponnani are now open to tourists as part of promoting water tourism in Malappuram.

The boat rides start at 3 pm. As of now, five boats are hosting visitors. As such, interested parties will have to pre-book the ride. The boats will pass by Chamravattom bridge, Ponnani harbour, and nearby estuaries.

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Boating Services Are Now Open In Ponnani

An hour ride on the boat will charge around INR 100. If you have children accompanying you, the prices for them will be comparatively less. In fact, there are different packages for groups (family and friends) that offer stunning prices.

We suggest carrying your own food and water. If not, the boat ride also comes with snack services that you can choose from. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper, entertaining offer on a river, the boating services at Ponnani should be your go-to experience.

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