Blockbuster Malayalam Film ‘Drishyam’ to Be Remade in the Korean Language

In a groundbreaking announcement, the highly successful “Drishyam” franchise, which captivated audiences in various South Indian languages, is set to be remade in South Korea. This trend reversal signifies the influence and global appeal of Indian cinema, particularly within the South Korean market. The announcement was made during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where the Indian film industry proudly showcased its achievements. The collaboration between South Korea’s Anthology Studios and India’s Panorama Studios marks a significant milestone as it will be the first time an Indian film is officially remade in Korea.

The Phenomenon of “Drishyam”

Drishyam” is a 2013 Malayalam crime thriller that revolves around Georgekutty, a cable TV operator whose life turns dark when his family inadvertently becomes involved in the death of a high-ranking official’s son. The film succeeded tremendously, leading to remakes in various languages such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Sinhala (Sri Lanka) and Chinese. Its compelling storyline and the popularity of the lead actor, Mohanlal, struck a chord with audiences, especially in South Korea, known for its fondness for romantic and thriller genres.

The Indian-Korean Collaboration

The collaboration between Panorama Studios, backed by producer Kumar Mangat Pathak, and Anthology Studios, founded by former Warner Bros. local Korean production head Choi Jae-won, Song Kang-ho of “Parasite” fame, and acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon, has sparked excitement in both countries’ film industries. This major co-production aims to bring together the best of Indian and Korean cinema to create a meaningful remake that honours the excellence of the original “Drishyam” film.

Unveiling India’s Influence

While Korean films have been frequently remade in India, including recent examples like “Dhamaka” and “Blind,” the remake of “Drishyam” marks the first official remake of an Indian film in Korea. This collaboration signifies the beginning of a valuable cultural exchange between both countries, showcasing the growing global reach of Indian cinema and its impact on international audiences. It is a significant achievement for the Indian film fraternity, as their work now finds inspiration and recognition in Korean cinema.

India’s Hallyu Wave

With the rising popularity of Korean culture, commonly known as the Hallyu Wave, in India, adapting “Drishyam” in Korean presents an opportunity for a two-way cultural exchange. India’s fascination with Korean food, music, K-dramas, and movies has grown rapidly, especially during the pandemic. The Korean adaptation of “Drishyam” could kick-start an Indian version of the Hallyu Wave in Korea, expanding the cultural allure between the two nations.

The decision to remake the blockbuster Malayalam film “Drishyam” in Korean marks a significant milestone for Indian cinema. This collaboration between Panorama Studios and Anthology Studios presents a unique opportunity to create a meaningful remake showcasing the best Indian and Korean cinema. As the first official Indian film remake in Korea, “Drishyam” paves the way for further cultural exchanges and strengthens the bond between the two vibrant film industries.

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