Bizzare Fashion Statements of 2021

Miuccia Prada once said, “Fashion is an instant language”. True, isn’t it? But some languages are tricky to comprehend. Fashion is similar too. It can be loud, silent, radiant or soft depending upon one’s choice. But there were some really “alien” fashion statements made in 2021 which left many of us stupefied.

As we step into a new year, let’s look back at some bizarre fashion statements of 2021 with some quirky Mallu comments for the same!

Faceless undercover look

The MetGala 2021 saw one of the most unconventional and criticised looks when an American Socialite and reality TV show personality Kim Kardashian stepped in complete undercover Balenciaga look. Netizens went crazy about this look for its strange theme and style. Many fashion critics gave this “faceless look” complete disapproval.

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Chaliyil Veena Adv. Mukundan Unni…but better

Polka Dotted Orb

The next bizarre fashion statement was by none other but our very own Desi Girl PCee! She made social media go crazy filled with hilarious tweets AND memes by stepping out in a Green Polka Dotted Orb by Halpern Studio.

From Pokeball to firecrackers, Priyanka was compared with almost all possible options by netizens. The fun part? She herself shared her favourite memes on her Instagram handle.

The Kachha Mangi Bite look

Arm Sweater

Another weird trend of 2021 has to be the crazy arm sweaters. Yeah, you heard the name right, Arm Sweater!

When you are cold and in need of a sweater, why would you choose something that covers your arms alone? Strangely, we are out of answers to this question. It was Disha Patani who popularised this look. Weirdly, this is still in fashion and we don’t know why.

Kai (mathram) ethum doorathu

Lungi Dress

Zara’s Lungi skirt also made a lot of commotion last year. People couldn’t handle the fact that this brand sold women’s skirts resembling a Lungi for 6k! And we can’t agree more! This was definitely one of the weirdest fashion statements of 2021.

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Bizzare Fashion Statements of 2021
Kailee Jenner

Phone-Wired Accessories

Puzzled with the name? Look at the image to get shocked! Last year, a renowned Italian brand called Bottega Veneta released their coiled necklace range ($2000) that resembled a telephone wire cord. And do NOT think that we are exaggerating! They also launched similar cord styled earrings and bracelets which costs around $900. We are not even kidding!

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Bizzare Fashion Statements of 2021
Ramji Rao Sneaking

Grass Stained jeans

The very popular fashion brand Gucci came out with “Grass Stained” jeans for $600. We wonder why pay so much for this when you can get this look for free if you simply mow your lawn. Claimed to be designed using aged cotton denim, this was brutally criticised by the fashion world.

Bizzare Fashion Statements of 2021
Pullu (Jeans, Nalla) Vila

Multicoloured Footwear

Do you remember when Kareena Kapoor (Poo) from KKKG wore different heels on her way to the prom with Hrithik Roshan? Well, seems like Poo was way ahead of her time! It has become the latest footwear trend. We really don’t know how to react to this. And we have a bunch of questions too.

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Multicoloured Footwear
“This patti and you kutty…very very match”

Although this looks fun and experimental, are we ready to embrace this in real life? Would you like to go to a party wearing two different heels? Tell us in the comment section!

How do you buy it? Do they come differently in a pair? A pair of two different shoes? Processing…….

Pillow Dress

Online trends travel with lightning speed from 10 to 0. And one such trend was the “Pillow dress”. It became a trend real quick. Wearing just a pillow and belting it up was the challenge. Initially, it was cute but soon got creepy. All we can say is – Leave the damn pillow!

Pillow Dress

Mehendi Blouse

Wearing Mehendi instead of a blouse? This trend received mixed reactions from the fashion world. The follow-up questions soon went out of hand and so did this fashion. Definitely a bold statement, but is it feasible? Comfortable? We have our own set of doubts regarding that!

Mehendi Blouse
Mylanchi mwonjulla…saree

These were some of the statements which we found different and kind of bizarre. But fashion can get crazy at times. So, we can’t really quote a look good or bad. It depends upon how you look into it. Let us know if we missed out on any weird statements which came to your notice.

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