Best Ice Candy Spots in Kottayam

Kottayam is the land of lakes, rubber plantations, and apparently, there are some hottest ice candy spots. Here are the top ice candy spots in Kottayam you must visit. 

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Ice Pole

Location: Mannanam

They have 30 varieties of flavours ranging from the traditional richness of payasam candy to the exotic allure of avocado delights. For just a pocket-friendly 10-35 rupees, you can experience the taste adventure that includes tender coconut, vermicelli (semiya) and many more. 


Location: Opposite to Pala Alphonsa College, Hangout Street, Ettumanoor. 

Kottayam has a late-night ice candy haven that is worth checking out. The frozen fiesta continues until midnight, and they offer a tempting array of milk and cream-based flavours, including the irresistible Nutella candy. Additionally, this spot has the premium pack of Malayalees ‘Sip-Up’, which comes in different flavours and has a larger quantity. The menu promises affordability, with prices ranging from Rs. 20-55. This location not only caters to ice candy lovers but also serves as a jamming spot for singers, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

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HAP Daily by Arun Icecream

Loaction: Kudayampally

Here, the ice candy taste starts at an unbelievable price of Rs. 5. This pocket-friendly shop offers a spectrum of flavours that span across different varieties of ice candy and Kulfi. And they have their own special ice cream cake, a treat for those seeking a unique dessert experience. With a whopping 144 varieties and combos, this shop transforms the simple act of cooling down into a symphony of flavours. 

So there you have it; forget the ice cream truck and follow the chime of affordability and variety to Ice Candy spots in Kottayam. The next time you are in Kottayam, do not miss to visit these spots. 

And if you know of any other spots, please mention them in the comments. 

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