Beaches in Alappuzha that you must Visit

Grab your sunscreen because we’re about to dive into the beaches in Alappuzha where the sand is hot, and the waves are…well, they exist. Because, you know, that’s what beaches do. Picture this- sandy shores with coconut trees swaying like they’ve got the best punch lines. Forget seashells; here, the real treasures are the laughter echoes carried by the waves. Here are some of the main beaches in Alappuzha. 

Alappuzha Beach: An evening walk on the sand

This is one of the major tourist attractions in Kerala. The beach is located in the town itself. It has an old bridge which extends to the sea and is over 150 years old. Alappuzha Beach hosts many events annually, like the Alappuzha Beach festival, organized as part of the New Year Celebration. Kerala’s first International Sand Art Festival was held in Alappuzha Beach in 2015. The beach is well-maintained and clean. It has a lighthouse too. Because who doesn’t want a beach with a side of maritime architecture

The beach is accessible through various town roads and an elevated highway. Camel safaris were another attraction that was introduced a couple of years ago, but it got banned by authorities. 

Marari Beach

Named after the Mararikulam village in Alappuzha district, which is 11km from Alappuzha town. Expect more sand, more water, and the occasional coconut tree that Instagram filters just love. 

Mararikulam is connected by rail and has a railway station by the same name. It was rated as one of the world’s top five hammock beaches by the National Geographic survey. The CGH Marari Beach Resorts has made it to the “Sense of Place” final list of National Geographic Traveller “WORLD LEGACY AWARAD” by National Geographic in partnership with ITB Berlin. 

Travellers are increasingly preferring Marari Beach as an alternative to its more popular counterpart-Kovalam in the South. 

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Andhkaranazhi Beach: Visiting here is a great way to kill time. 

Andhakaranazhy is a coastal village located 4 km west of Pattanakkad under Cherthala Taluk. It is famous for its beach, which draws a number of domestic and international tourists. There are many beachside homestays and boating services over the village.

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An azhy, similar to an isthmus, is a sand sedimentation formed by the constant action of seawater where the backwaters merge into the sea. Two barges having large mechanized shutters are erected near the north and south ends of the azhy. These shutters, operated by traction motors, help to regulate the flow of saline water entering into the neighbouring paddy fields of Thuravoor, Pattanakkad, Ezhupunna, and Kuthiathode panchayats connected to the backwaters. Water is released into the sea by lifting these shutters to prevent flooding in these paddy fields during excessive rains. A tall and majestic lighthouse near the azhy stands like a signal tower guiding the seamen during the night. This place is also one of the popular locations for Malayalam film shoots.

Thumpoly Beach

The name ‘Thumpoly’ is derived from the word ‘Thoma Polly’, which translates to ‘Church of St. Thomas’. During the Portuguese rule in the area, the place was also called ‘Thompolis’, which means ‘The town of St. Thomas’.

Tucked away in the picturesque town of Alappuzha, Thumpoly Beach is a true hidden gem known for its stunning vistas and pristine shores. The beach boasts a unique charm, with numerous canals gracefully meeting the Arabian Sea, creating a landscape worth exploring. The rhythmic dance of big blue waves crashing against the shore adds to the enchantment of this coastal haven. Also, you’ll discover quaint fishing villages that lend a touch of authenticity to the overall experience. 

Thumpoly Beach is a tranquil escape for those seeking beauty and a glimpse into the local coastal life. 

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Remember, when in doubt, just stare into the horizon and contemplate the meaning of beaches in Alappuzha. It’s a deep and meaningful experience, or at least it can be if you use the right filter. Happy beach-ing!

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