Baby Elephant Dies After Being Electrocuted

The visuals of a mother elephant trying to revive its baby is the saddest thing you’ll see today. The 3-year-old baby elephant was lying dead in a forest located close to Malampuzha near Palakkad. 

Upon hearing the news, the forest authorities and locals immediately reached the spot to lend a helping hand. They saw that the dead baby was being protected by three other wild elephants. They were trying to wake the baby up, hoping it would stand.

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Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Kurra Srinivas shared that there was an electric wire close to a borewell. He believes that the baby must have encountered it while travelling. The locals in the area shared that wild elephants had been roaming around their estate and pump house lately. And believe that the baby elephant must have chewed the electric wire, causing its death. 

The official authorities shared that they would conduct an investigation in the estates and pump house to ensure that rules and regulations were being followed properly. 

They are now trying to direct the wild elephants to their natural habitat. After the autopsy of the baby elephant, they plan to bury the baby.

Last year, a pregnant elephant died after a local fed her a pineapple stuffed with crackers. Unable to bear the pain, the elephant was seen seeking relief in the water until she met her death. This issue caused nationwide outrage on social media and news channels. Thirty-eight-year-old M Riyasuddin, one of the accused in the case, surrendered in court recently and was remanded in judicial custody.

The video of the mother elephant trying to resuscitate the baby is heart-wrenching. It’s horrendous to see many animals dying at the hands of man-made disasters. Do note that the visuals may be disturbing for some. Be warned.

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