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Techie in pursuit of a passion. I live on a shore with scribbles, stories, sarcasm and people who like to smile often!
Linen Trail Dress up like a celebrity

How To Dress Up Like A Celebrity ft. Linen Trail

At some point in our lives, almost all of us wanted to dress up like a celebrity we admire, didn’t we? The...
Kasavu Kathakal of Kerala

Looking Back At The Kasavu Kathakal of Kerala

Kasavu attires are almost always associated with Kerala traditions. You must be thinking - “I know that!” But have you thought about...
Pattu Pavada

Reasons To Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam

Many of us have owned a Pattu Pavada at least once in our lifetime. From childhood to adulthood, this attire has been...
Dhavani styles kerala Onam

How To Dazzle In A Dhavani For Onam

For women who are searching for a Pattu Pavada alternative, Dhavani can be a perfect choice. To those who don’t want something...
Onam styling tips budget friendly

Pocket-friendly Styling Tips For Onam

This is the second Onam amidst the pandemic. Needless to say, the pandemic has affected our economic stability adversely. Spending on clothes...
Mullapoov Beliefs and Hairstyles

Mullapoov Beliefs and Hairstyles We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Almost all important marriages and festivities seem incomplete with Mullapoov, right?. But have we ever tried to know more about them? Naah,...
Cartoons That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

Cartoons That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

Cookies, candies, comics and cartoons help many enjoy their childhood, don’t they? Naturally, after growing up, an encounter with any of these...
Minimal Brides

The Rise Of Minimal Brides In Kerala

The terms “Minimal” and “Marriage” seems to be antonyms in the context of Indian marriages. With the changing times, fashion-loving millennials and...
Ramanan From Punjabi House

A Letter To Ramanan From Punjabi House

Do you sometimes wish for some movie characters to come back? We do it too. And Ramanan is the first character we...
Indian Mythological Reads

Indian Mythological Reads You Shouldn’t Miss

Indian Mythological reads are a treasure trove of stories. These stories often revolve around Mahabharata and Ramayana. Writers have often tried to...