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Talks about everything from pazhampori to aanavakaraar charcha.
Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos From The Malayalam Movie Industry

We are all familiar with that wave of nostalgia that hits when you dust up an old photo album and go through...
Villains of Malayalam Cinema

Pointless Villains of Malayalam Cinema

Malayalam cinema is one place where we love our villains just as much as our heroes. Regardless of their 916 chettatharam, they're...
Malayalam Zodiac Predictions

Nakshatraphalam 2022: Malayalam Zodiac Predictions

The past two years have been tough and I'm sure that you're anxious to know what is in store for you in...

Reimagining The Devi Paradox Like Never Before

Over decades, we have placed Devi on pedestals and golden swings. Stepping her down from that high pier for a while, I...
Darshana: Your 5-step Romance Guide The Vineeth Sreenivasan Way

Darshana: Your 5-step Romance Guide The Vineeth Sreenivasan Way

7.9 million views in less than a week (and counting. I rewatched the video at least thrice for this content). Darshana has...
Sex Education In Kerala

Sex Education In Kerala: A Love Story Worse Than Twilight

By now a good proportion of you would be familiar with the love-hate relationship Malayalis share with a healthy sex-ed talk. This...
Kerala Cuisine

Kerala Cuisine That Could Give Masterchefs A Run For Their Money

Let's face it, every single dish in Kerala's cuisine deserves a separate fan base. Many of these dishes, including the classic karimeen...
Bangalore Is The New Vegas Malayali

Why Do Malayalis Think Of Bangalore As The “Sin City”?

My first encounter with "Bangalore'l nalla freedom ayirikyum, alle?" was when one of my distant ammavans was gauging my 'Marriageability Index'. Not...