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Body positivity

Growth of Body Positivity During Lockdown

The 'lockdown' had made people go through a lifestyle entirely new for many while familiar to some. The outdoor life had influenced...
Colours and emotions

How Colours Can Be Linked To Emotions And Cultures

What if rain came down and washed all the colours away? This thought would probably be too scary for some people, while...
Online classes kerala

Online and Offline Classes: Some Things That Never Change

Online classes had been the lifestyle of all students for the past few months of lockdown. As new as it seemed at...
K-Pop and Malayalis

What Does K-pop Mean To Malayali Fans?

“I just wanted to know their names…and now I know their whole history” would be how every fangirl or fanboy would start...
Indian dog breeds

Some Lesser Known Indian Dog Breeds

Exotic breeds like Huskies, Bull Mastiffs, and St. Bernards are always a dream come true for the Indian dog lover. They are...
Pet adoption

Why You Should Choose Pet Adoption: Puppy Mills and ‘Aesthetics’

Adorable Golden Retrievers, naughty local breeds, playful Labradors, fluffy Yorkies, and majestic Huskies - to get such lovely companions would be everyone’s...
Amit Shah

Kerala CM Retorts to Amit Shah’s Comment on Gold Smuggling Case

As Union Home Minister Amit Shah levelled allegations against Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan in the gold smuggling case, our CM gave a...
Luca Malayalam Movie

Vincent van Gogh Through The Movie Luca: A Comparison

Luca is a movie familiar to most of us. Known for its frames and scenes, the movie is filled with the beauty...
Lokame Tharavadu

‘Lokame Tharavadu’ to be Hosted in Alappuzha

Alappuzha is all set for a new beginning as 267 artists from around the world join hands for ‘Lokame Tharavadu’ (The world...