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Dowry in Kerala

Is Dowry Truly Dead In Kerala?

The short answer is "NO". Not only is dowry very much alive, but it is also quite the accepted norm in Kerala....
Malayalam serials

Are Malayali Women Addicted To Serials?

The poorly received 2015 movie Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare sums up what an average Malayali thinks about serials and the hordes of...

Uliyannoor Perumthachan – 5 Things to Know about Kerala’s Master Craftsman

Let's start off with a few well-known details in the legend of Perumthachan. Most of what we now know about Perumthachan is...
Kerala trade relations

Kerala and Her Trade Relations: What did the Ancient World Know About Kerala?

Kerala, as we know it today, is 64 years old, rather young, considering its extensive ancient history. We all love Kerala, and...
M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan – A Malayali Presence In Hollywood

M Night Shyamalan may not be a popular name in Kerala, but do you know where it is? Hollywood. Shyamalan is an...
Forests in Kerala

Ten Popular Forests in Kerala You Must Visit

There may be forests everywhere in the world, but the emerald covers of Kerala are the closest to my heart. Like the...
Ghosts in Kerala

10 Most Interesting Ghosts In Malayali Culture

Boo! Did we scare you? We've all grown up watching and listening to ghost stories that sent shivers down our spine. Some...
Kumily Wax Museum

Wax Museum in Kumily Impresses The Public With Its Lifelike Creations

Would you like to see an amazing collection of wax statues without having to travel as far as Delhi or London? If...

The Legend of Veerappan – The Story You Need To Hear

The name Veerappan has become synonymous with notoriety in South India. Most Malayalis need no introduction to Veerappan, but to those who...
Chartered Flight

The Chartered Flight Boom in Kerala

Who would've thought that we'd see the days when words like 'chartered flight' would fall from the 'ultra-rare' category in Kerala?