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Malayalam Sayings

Ten Malayalam Sayings to Make You Sound Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to dazzle anybody with your knowledge of Malayalam? There is no shortcut to becoming a literary genius -...
Foreign Flora of Kerala

Foreign Flora: 7 Plants That Came to Kerala From Across The Seas

Kerala is the land of lush greenery. From pristine reserve forests to sprawling plantations, our little state sits prominently on the Western...
Amma Ariyathe

How Serials Like ‘Amma Ariyathe’ Reinforce Benevolent Sexism

One of Asianet's most popular serials, Amma Ariyathe is constantly among the top 5 shows on Malayalam TV's TRP charts. It is...
Prehistoric ancestors of Kerala

The First People In Kerala: What Do We Know About Our Prehistoric Ancestors?

When did the history of human settlement in Kerala truly start? Who are the prehistoric ancestors of us Keralites?

Should Women be Treated as ‘Divine’ Beings?

A lot of us may have heard of that infamous passage in Manusmriti that goes, "Pitah rakshathi koumare, Patih rakshathi youvane, Puthro...
Kingdoms of Kerala

Seven Most Important Kingdoms That Ruled Over Kerala

Like the rest of India, Kerala was divided into several local kingdoms that were constantly battling each other to establish superiority over...

Kizhakkambalam: Model Panchayat or Siren Song?

Kizhakkambalam, a small village in Ernakulam, is often described as a corporate-led utopia. Kizhakkambalam has great roads, good housing, affordable supermarkets, and...
Women and education

Why Should Women Prefer Education Over Infatuation?

Today, both girls and boys have more freedom over their lives than they did just a few decades ago. More and more...
Kerala pet plants

Malayali and Pet Plants: Five Ideal Plants and Five Not-So-Ideal Ones

Our culture is replete with symbolism. From statues to birds and even plants, everything carries some sort of auspiciousness or inauspiciousness. Let's...
Myths In India

Myths In India: Five Harmless And Five Harmful

Did you guys know that in 2019, the Kerala State Government passed this bill - the Kerala Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman...