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Malayalam Films And Abortions

Malayalam Films And Abortions

"Oru kurinnu jeevane kollano?!" is the first question that arises whenever abortion is talked about in most Malayalam films.
South Indian Characters In Bollywood Movies

The Problem With South Indian Characters In Bollywood Movies

Bollywood has had quite a few South Indian characters. From comic relief and sidekick to main protagonists, South Indian characters in Bollywood...
Burger Junction's 'Hellboy Burger'

The Burger Junction’s ‘The Hellboy Burger’ Is So Hot That You Won’t Survive Even...

Burgers are one of the most convenient and easiest foods to eat on the fly. It is made up of a bun,...
Prostitution in Malayalam Movies

Portrayal Of Sex Workers In Malayalam Movies

The Supreme Court, in May 2022, reaffirmed that all citizens of India have the Right to Life and therefore, adults engaging in...