Aishwarya Gopinath

A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.

God’s Own Malayalis: Fawas Ameer – The Choreographer, Dancer, And Actor Teaching Us How To Embrace The Artist Within

We all love to move our body to our favourite tunes, don’t we? When you dance, your soul, mind, and body are...

Have You Seen A Lightening And A Double Rainbow Together?

The Chinese tradition considers three a lucky number and now we know why. Meteorologist Ed Russo shared a picture, clicked by Amy...

Vietnamese ‘Bikini Crew’ Airline Has Made Its Way To India

Perhaps, it’s time to rethink that Vietnam trip you postponed earlier. Vietjet, famously known for their bikini clad cabin crew, has finally...

Govt. School In Kerala Introduces Gender-Neutral Uniforms

This Government school In Kerala has introduces Gender-Neutral Uniforms

God’s Own Malayalis: Rachel Manney – The Foodaholic Fashion Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur you need to be mentally strong, face fear, overcome failure, and succeed. Put differently, an entrepreneur should be...

Want $1 Million? Find Bugs In Apple’s iOS

Apple is now offering one million dollars to people who can hack into their products and let the company know how they managed to pull it off.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Jhonson Got Hitched And We’re Crying Out Of Happiness

Our all-time favourite wrestler and fitness inspiration, Dwayne “The Rock” Jhonson got married to his long-term girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

God’s Own Malayalis: Jayashree Lakshminarayan – Sharing Real Stories Through Visual Art

You need to experience art before making it come alive. All the famous artists visualise their art before making something beautiful. They...