Artist From Kannur Creates Portraits In The Air Using Stones

Kerala’s social media has recently had many people being thrown “in air”. KP Rohit from Payyanur, Kannur might just be able to change the dubious meaning of this phrase. While most artists create portraits with paint on a canvas or chisel images onto stones, Rohit uses small stones to create portraits in the air! Yeah, you heard that right.

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He starts by creating a portrait on a canvas using stones. He tilts the canvas when the portrait is complete and flicks it upward to create an image in the air. The only downside is that this portrait lasts just 6 seconds. That said, it is hard not to be awestruck at the sight of these seemingly magical portraits in the air. Here, have a look.

Rohit recently made the above portrait of Mohanlal and shared it online. The video went viral and even reached the star who shared his appreciation.

In an interview with ANI he said, “I have completed my higher education. I have done many paintings before. But it was during lockdown I started trying portraits using stones. I have done many such stone art, but the last one of Mohanlal was noticed by all. Mohanlal who saw it also appreciated me.”

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When asked how he started making such portraits, he said, “Actually, I saw one such video on social media. Thereafter, I started practising it. After several days of practice, I could come up with my first work. My friend Hariprasad shot the video on his mobile phone. Only in slow motion, the image in the air can be visible.”

As he has mentioned, Rohit has created many such portraits including those of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and Spanish artist Salvador Dali. He says that he did not expect such recognition and that he will keep working hard to hone his stone art skills.

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