Aria, India’s Second K-Pop Sensation Makes Her Mark! Did You Know She’s From Kerala?

K-pop sensation is taking India by storm. The industry has witnessed yet another landmark moment, with the announcement of 20-year-old Aria, from Kerala, becoming the second Indian to become a K-pop idol. Following in the footsteps of Sriya Lenka, who made history as the first Indian to become a K-pop idol, Aria has undoubtedly proven that India has a lot of talent to offer to the world.

Born as Gauthami in Kerala, India, Aria joined GBK Entertainment and became a trainee on their online training platform Universe under the name Ami. Her talent, perseverance, and hard work enabled her to stand out from the crowd, and soon she became a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.

In November 2022, she changed her name to Aria and was supposed to debut with GBK’s upcoming girl group MEP-C. However, in early 2023, she was officially revealed as the fifth and final member of the girl group X:IN, which was an exciting opportunity for her to showcase her talent and pave the way for her successful K-pop career.

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X:IN is a girl group comprising Roa, Chi.u, E.sha, Nova, and Aria. The group debuted on April 11, 2023, with their first digital single, “Keeping the Fire”. The song has already garnered a lot of attention and popularity, and Aria’s contribution has been lauded by fans and critics alike.

In a social media post after their performance on Music Core, Aria expressed her gratitude to MBC Music Core and all the staff, her CEO, producer, staff, hair, makeup, stylists, and teachers who take good care of them. It was a beautiful moment of appreciation and gratitude for the people who have supported and nurtured her talent.

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Aria’s success inspires millions of aspiring artists in India, proving that the country has untapped potential to contribute to the global entertainment industry. Her journey shows that hard work, dedication, and talent can help individuals achieve their dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

We wish this K-Pop sensation all the best in her future endeavours and look forward to seeing more Indian artists making a mark in the global entertainment industry. K-pop has a universal appeal, and with talented individuals like Aria, we can expect to see more Indian faces in the global K-pop scene.

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