World No Tobacco Day: Are Smokers At A Higher Risk Of Dying From Corona?

The one question many smokers had when the Coronavirus spread like wildfire was – ‘What are the chances of a smoker dying faster than a non-smoker due to Corona?’. On World No Tobacco Day, we’re going to answer that for you.

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There’s a 50% chance that every smoker develops severe diseases because of smoking. It’s a proven fact by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Smoking amplifies respiratory infections and related diseases, making it harder for your body to function normally. Since Coronavirus has largely to do with the disruption of the function of your respiratory system, it becomes harder to fight back the virus. Therefore the chances of you dying because of Corona is more if you’re an avid smoker. To get a better idea, watch this video below:

We know you don’t want to hear this, but quit smoking if you plan to live a life, let alone a good one. Here’s what the WHO recommends:

“Quitting will help your lungs and heart to work better from the moment you stop.  Within 20 minutes of quitting, elevated heart rate and blood pressure drop. After 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level in the bloodstream drops to normal. Within 2-12 weeks, circulation improves and lung function increases. After 1-9 months, coughing and shortness of breath decrease. Quitting will help to protect your loved ones, especially children, from exposure to second-hand smoke.” 

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Smokers are also at the risk of contracting the virus when they smoke a cig. The fingers to lip contact increase the risk of transmission from hand to mouth. The same logic can be applied to sharing cigarettes, hookah pipes, and vapes. “Smokers have up to a 50 per cent higher risk of developing severe disease and death from Covid-19, so quitting is best thing smokers can do to lower their risk from this coronavirus, as well as the risk of developing cancers, heart disease and respiratory illnesses,” shared WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Sure, it’s World No Tobacco Day today, and you might come across many such articles on your news feed. Consider it as a sign to quit smoking!

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