Alleged Rape And Assault In A Well-known Tattoo Studio In Kochi

TW: Rape

It takes a lot of courage to speak up against an abuser, especially when they come from a place of power. It has come to light that the tattoo artist named Sujeesh from the well-known tattoo studio in Kochi, Inkfected, allegedly raped a customer. The survivor shared their experience on Reddit and it is making rounds on the internet. After which, more such stories have made their way online.

If this has happened, it needs to be investigated. No one deserves to feel unsafe in any space, private or public. If you wish to read the Reddit thread, read below.

Many women who had suffered sexual assault at the hands of Sujeesh have come forward.

Check out Arshootti’s experience here.

On almost many occasions women are not believed when such instances are spoken about. Instead of seeking justice, their morality is questioned and the blame is put on them. This is the reason why many women fail to speak about it. It’s hard. In this case, the people who have been assaulted by Sujeesh in his studio are slowly getting the courage to speak about it. Kindly, respect their voice and be sensitive.

Aishwarya Gopinath
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