Adhila Nassrin And Fathima Noora Are United Thanks To The Kerala High Court Verdict

A few days ago, Adhila Nassrin was publically appealing for the safety of her lesbian partner, Fathima Noora. She was missing ever since her parents abducted her from Adhila’s house. Adhila took action by filing a habeas corpus, to which Kerala High Court gave a positive verdict. They ordered that the couple has the right to live together and no one can stop them from doing so by law.

The division bench of justice headed by K Vinod Chandran and C Jayachandran was responsible for the positive outcome of the habeas corpus verdict. The court had mandated that Fathima Noora be present before the judges during the hearing.

During the period in which she was abducted by her parents, Noora’s parents tried to give her religious counselling while forcing her to do conversion therapy. Noora had to undergo mental and physical pressure from her family but she was able to withstand this all. Adhila’s undying efforts to keep her safe, running behind police officials, and filing a habeas corpus proved to be fruitful in the end.

According to Onmanorama, Noora and Adhila shared, “We expected all this. We knew we would have to struggle to be together. But what we didn’t expect was the kind of support we received, from the media, from the court, and several people.”.

Aishwarya Gopinath
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