Accubits Technologies: The Tech Company From Kerala You Should Take Notice Of

The world of tech startups is filled with legends of multi-billion Dollar companies that started from garages. A similar story, one that every Malayali will be proud of, is in the making with the Trivandrum based startup Accubits. They might not have started in a garage, but some of its initial big projects were done from a small room in Bangalore. But first, 

What is Accubits and what is their vision?

Accubits is an innovation-centric software development company that focuses on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. They help organizations become more efficient with products, tools, and solutions built using these technologies. Their vision statement is “7 Billion Creative Minds”. 

Accubits Technologies: The Tech Company From Kerala You Should Take Notice Of

The Origin Story

Accubits, the company, was founded in 2012 as a products company by a group of like-minded techies who all have been friends since childhood. The founding team includes  Jithin V.G, Ditto P.S, Anoop Chandran, Gokul A, Aharsh M.S, Joshan Gladston, 

They had already been active in the tech fest scene and took part in competitions and hackathons, coming up with product ideas that were quite revolutionary at the time. In its initial days, they focused on developing revolutionary products. One such product was software that would let any mobile phone, even feature phones, access the internet. But unfortunately, these products did not take off well. 

They persevered throughout their college years as they knew that if the company didn’t start generating revenue soon, they’d have to abandon their baby and take up 9-5 jobs. To make sure that Accubits succeeded, Jithin dropped out of college (twice!). Another element in many multi-billion Dollar company origin stories, if you’ve noticed. 

Accubits Technologies: The Tech Company From Kerala You Should Take Notice Of

Bangalore Days

The real breakthrough came in 2016 when they pivoted to a company that offered software development as a service. This is when the team moved to Bangalore and started working in the aforementioned small room. They started working on projects from the Dubai Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Gitex, and so on.

“We’ve worked with NASA”

Around this time, AI and Blockchain were starting to pick up, and the Accubits team, being a bunch of curious minds, started tinkering around with the tech. Soon, Accubits was able to provide AI and Blockchain development services to clients and they had a distinct first-mover advantage. They have since gone on to work with organisations like NASA, United States Postal Services, United States Geological Survey, Nissan, Dubai Land Department, Smart Dubai, JP Morgan Chase and many more.

Accubits currently has 8 different products on AI and Blockchain. This includes products like RebuildTheChain, a software that enables Government agencies to effectively control the spread of infectious diseases. The government of Cameroon signed a contract with Accubits in 2020 to use RebuildTheChain to tackle the Covid pandemic in Cameroon. Accubits’ current list of clients includes several Federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. 

Not satisfied with merely servicing the needs of the world’s premier space agency NASA, Accubits is going to make their presence felt in space too. In 2022, they will launch the first enterprise blockchain satellite in the world – Chainsat. Now that’s Accubits “going to the Moon”!

Growing from strength to strength, the company has launched its R&D arm – Accubits Invent. They plan on focussing on research and innovation in the fields of  AI and Biotechnology. 

Accubits is hiring!

Accubits, at present, has 500 job openings and are actively looking for Programmers, Developers, Managers, AI/Blockchain Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Business Analysts, Client Partners, HR Interns, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Digital Marketing Executives, Content Marketing Managers, and Marketing Analysts. And since we’re still not out of Covid’s grip, they are open to remote working too. 

They are looking for passionate innovators who will help Accubits fulfil the “7 billion creative minds” vision. If you think you fit the bill, head over to Accubits Careers now!

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