A Day In The Life Of A Malayali (Pandemic Version)

Hate it or love it, we’ve all changed our lives to adapt to the pandemic. Life is not the same anymore for people of all ages. So, we wanted to know more about a Malayali’s life ever since we all went into lockdown. We asked a bunch of enthusiastic Malayalis what their life looked like, and here’s what they said.

8.30 AM
Wake up five minutes before online classes/office meetings and appear in your PJs like a boss.

10.00 AM
Eat your yummy (Malayali) breakfast which you would otherwise skip if it wasn’t for online class/WFH. You top up the breakfast with that immunity drink that your mother makes to ‘fight against any Corona symptoms’ (usually some random herbs or spices in water).

11.00 AM
You sit in front of the laptop pretending to work/study so that Amma doesn’t ask you to do household chores.

12.00 PM
You’re still working or attending online classes with your camera turned off and sound on mute. Most likely you have Instagram or YouTube open in another tab. Amma comes in-between with her immunity drink and gives you the daily Corona report.

2.30 PM
You get reminded of a thing called lunch but realise that you don’t have space in your quarantine tummy since you were binge-eating during work/class. The thought shifts from lunch to the size
of your protruding tummy and that diet that never happened.

3.00 PM
You eat lunch listening to what other people are saying on the Zoom call (should be performed
with extreme caution, and with your camera turned off). You multitask by scrolling through your social media feed to follow recent trends, ‘Chilodath bake cheyth cake kazhikunnu, Chilodath kalyanam kazhikunnu’.


5.00 PM
Restlessness is at its peak when there is just an hour of work/class left. You start going through archived images and posts and wonder about the good times before Corona until that ‘alavalathi’ friend of yours, for whom Corona doesn’t exist, sends you a snap of some good food from a fancy restaurant. (Mayanadhi bgm)

6.00 PM
It’s finally over and you realise that you are the only one in the call as you were dozing off when everyone else left. You get out of the bed and then walk halfway to the gate realising that you’ve forgotten to wear a mask. You get back to your house to get the mask only to get
disheartened by your father who is a walking Corona control room.

9.30 PM
Dinner done right! You are reminded of your unwashed clothes and the other items that are kept in your hostel and start panicking but just in time, Amma comes to the rescue with her immunity drink. You realise that you haven’t bathed for two days and promise yourself to doze off early but you’re found awake at 12 AM reading old texts.

Such is a life of a Malayali. But, we ain’t generalising. Let us know what your day looks like these days!

Arja Dileep
In an attempt to balance between the aesthetics of an aspiring writer and the goofiness of a kid.


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