9 Malayalis Share Their Online Class Experiences

2020 has been the year of online class experiences and work from home. Did you know that globally around 1.2 billion children are getting educated, thanks to online facilities? And while we adapted to the ‘new normal’, we’ve made a few goof-ups along the way. Here are 9 such online class experiences that will bring a smile to your face.

That said, do note that we understand that access to online classes are a privilege in itself. There are many children out there who don’t have access to basic education only because their family can’t afford internet or a smart device for them to learn. But, we can totally lend in a helping hand by donating to NGOs that work to ensure that children are given access to such resources, and learn at the comfort of their own homes.

When you can’t miss an online class but have to go pee

Online Class Experience

When your teacher is just like your parents

Online Class Experience

When you drop a text to the wrong WhatsApp Group, and regret it for life

Online Class Experience

That moment when everyone gets hungry and jealous of your mother’s food

When your mother embarrasses you

Online Class Experience

Because, why not, le?

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When you get exposed of a crime you wish you never attempted

Online Class Experience

When your teachers are smarter than you during an online class

When an online class gives you a reality check

Online Class Experience

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Here are some NGOs you can contribute to help children in need of smart devices to access education – Teach for India, CRY, Homework.India. The pandemic has impacted many of us, including the future of children. Let’s do our part to bring about as many smiles as possible.

What are some of your online class experiences? Tell us in the comments section!

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