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We all hold an intimate relationship with food, right? After all, it’s food that fills our souls to the fullest. Even thinking of beef and porotta or puttu and kadala makes our mouths water. With that thought in mind, we decided to do some digging around Kerala’s food blogging scene to dig up bloggers who have given us yet another reason to try out new cuisines and get our tummies excited. 

Ayesha’s Kitchen 

Hailing from Malappuram, Ayesha Farhana, settled in the UAE with her family and started her YouTube food channel with the aim of showcasing her cooking experience and appetizing recipes. Not only does she make content around Malabar recipes, but she also includes videos on North Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cuisines. One look at her videos and you will feel hungry instantly.

Village Cooking – Kerala

In the outskirts of Kerala, there exists a culinary chef, a mother, who shows us the raw essence of cooking from scratch. She uses produce from around the vicinity of her house to creates delicious meals; something that is very traditional and still done in Kerala. Her channel’s content is the rawest form of cooking we’ve seen so far. It’s beautiful; some may even call it therapeutic.

Veena’s Curryworld

Veena’s Curryworld is quite literally a household name now. If you ever crave for some good Kerala food, a scroll through her channel will lead you to one of your favourite recipes and she will show you how you can try your hand at making it. Her recipes are simple, easy-to-make. Trust us; her scrumptious recipes are a feast for your eyes!

Jas’s Food book

If food is your first love, you should definitely subscribe to Jas’s Food book. This channel has set out to satiate all our cravings with the power of home cooking. Try your hand at cooking authentic traditional homemade recipes shown only on this channel.

Kichus Kitchen

This upcoming food channel on YouTube has recipes that will make your day. You can bid goodbye to all your sweet and snack cravings by trying out their recipes in your kitchen. The next time you crave for chicken chukka, Kerala prawns roast, or even bread gulab jamun, you know where to head to.

OMKV Fishing & Cooking

He loves fishing. He loves cooking. So, he decided to share his love for both by starting a channel on Youtube; showcasing his traditional culinary skills to create tasty recipes, mostly with fish. Despite being a post-kidney transplant patient, he tries to create awesome content for his audience. Follow this him for some gastronomic delights.

Mia Kitchen

Mia’s YouTube channel is the perfect destination for tried and tested recipes from traditional Kerala cuisine. She combines her knowledge with that of her mother’s to create recipes that any Malayali would fall in love with. Great Kerala food recipes are now just a click away!

Skinny Recipes

What happens when you’re a big-time foodie, but health-conscious too? That’s where Nisa Homey’s YouTube channel, Skinny Recipes, comes into the picture. She shares healthy, nutrient-dense recipes for weight loss and weight management with ingredients that are available easily.

Lekshmi Nair

How can we forget the legend that has been embracing Kerala’s food culture since forever?! We are all aware of Lekshmi Nair’s tasty recipes; some of us even have her cookbooks in our kitchens. Her recipes are to die for!

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