9 Malayalam Movie Songs That Make Household Chores Seem Fun

Mumbling, grumbling, and whining. That’s how a lot of us get around to spending a Sunday morning mopping or scrubbing floors. Grabbing a broom or getting our windows streak-free may not be exactly your cup of tea. And you may not be a stickler for a spick and span house, but well…you gotta do what you gotta do! One of the best ways to pump up this dreary errand session is to sing your favourite songs and sway to its beat. After all, music does make everything seem a lot better. At least in movies it does! Nobody cribs about housework in Malayalam movie songs; they chop onions in rhythm, dust the cobwebs away while jamming to the beat and clink spoons against utensils. On that note, here are 9 Malayalam movie songs that make household chores seem fun:

Marivillin Gopurangal

Dennis and Ravi are vibing to this song in Summer in Bethlehem while revamping their Bethlehem veedu. Before Ravi’s aithu cousins and team arrive they prep their house, paint the walls, make the rooms kid-friendly with stuffed teddy bears for the kutti pattalam. All of this in four minutes! How cool is that?


They say too many cooks spoil the broth. But in this song, it is clearly the opposite. It’s quite amusing to see Mohanlal, KPAC Lalitha and Innocent synchronously doing all the kitchen chores – churning curd, scraping coconut, chopping onions (sob, sob!) and winnowing rice in a muram. Don’t miss Mohanlal attempting to writher the melon (or whatever that is) from his wrist to his shoulders according to the rhythm. Innocent’s unacknowledged bharatnatyam is also one of the major highlights in this bit of the song.

Dhum Thanakkadi

As kids, how many of us wanted to dance our hearts out in the kitchen like the little girl in this song from Mullavalliyum Thenmavum? Banging the pots, drumming the pans and imagining ourselves to be rockstars. That said, it beats me why she glided her way outside and hurled all the groceries out into the open air. She was pretty lucky that her employers were also busy goofing around at that time. 

Kinavile Janalakal

Looking for some motivation to give your home a complete makeover? Just watch this song from Pranchiyettan. This song makes home makeover appear breezy. Paint brands, take a cue! I mean, watching this song makes one feel that anyone could do it in a jiffy. I especially love the way Priya Mani preps up for it by tightening her bandana, dipping the roller into the paint and running it across the wall like a pro.

Katha Katha

Rustling up all the dishes for an Onasadhya is never a chore when you have the entire family with you. And that’s exactly what we see in this song from Rappakal. Grating coconut, stirring sambar, frying pappadams, and spotting a pesky kiddo flicking one of them – all the while shaking a leg and making merry! What fun! 


Minnum Minnaminni

In case you have a kid, you would know that it is a Herculean task to whip up something in the kitchen while the toddler keeps tugging at you. But this song from Number 1 Snehatheeram Bangalore North shows you otherwise. Priya Raman and her team don aprons and chef caps and rhythmically stroll through chopping veggies, cleaning dishes, rolling dough and what not. What’s more amusing is the cute kid trying to make a mask out of chapati dough! Also, a shout out to the good old aattukallu – something you hardly get to see in kitchens these days.

Manavatti Penninte

While many husbands complain about household chores, here’s one who welcomes it all with open arms. Watch him effortlessly drift from doing the laundry to cooking up a storm in the kitchen to pressing clothes, all the while with a song on his lips and jiving to the beats! Oh, and this song is from the movie Kaliyoonjal.


This list would be incomplete without including Tessa’s endeavour of tidying up the messy yet mystical room of Charlie. Watching this song makes you feel like you’re cleaning the bedroom that you used as a child and are unearthing knick-knacks and old photographs that evoke nostalgia in you. 

I love you Mummy

This song from Bhakskar the Rascal will give you all the push and enthu you need to drag yourself out of bed and do everything from baking to decking up your room. If that decadent looking chocolate cake and sinful chocolate fountain don’t efface your baker’s block, then we don’t know what will! 


That was our list. What are some Malayalam movie songs that inspire you to do your household chores?


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