9 Malayalam Movie Sequels that were Planned but Never Made

It was double the euphoria and frenzy for avid movie watchers when Mohanlal, on his 60th birthday, spilled the beans about “Drishyam 2” being on the cards.  Sequels have always been a rage in the Malayalam movie industry as fans clamor to see a comeback of their favorite characters on screen. Though seldom as good as the original and sporadically having a rep of getting a bad rap, every film that closes open-endedly (oxymoron much?) leaves us taking imaginative leaps and writing mental scripts on the destiny of our much-loved protagonists. Haven’t we all at some point wondered if Unnikrishnan and Gadha of Vandhanam ever crossed paths? Or mulled over the million-dollar question of whom among those five cousins sent the cat to Ravishankar in Summer in Bethlehem? Whoever said Bahubali 1 had the most puzzling ending needs to watch these two movies! 

That brings us to the list which features sequels that have been promised or rumored but never made it to the big screen so far:

CID Moosa 2

Whatever happened to our very own James Bond? The last we know about this witty detective is that he boarded a plane to venture into unraveling mysteries in the land of Scotland. Who can forget Dileep’s rib-tickling scenes, the wonder car that spurts marbles and sprays chili powder on its stalkers and of course Arjun, the loyal German Shepherd who saves the day at the right moment? Though Dileep had announced the second part of this movie, it’s been a while since we heard any updates on its developments. Even if a sequel doesn’t happen, many would agree that a spin-off would be a great idea!

Yodha 2

Mohanlal, Jagathy, Sangeeth Sivan, and A.R Rahman – this legendary combo had weaved magic with Yodha. This 1992-released movie was among the most versatile and path-breaking movies in Mohanlal’s career. The best thing about this movie was the on-screen chemistry between Mohanlal and Jagathy specifically in the peppy track Padakali Chandichankari, which is the Malayali answer to the Western battle rap and tongue twister numbers. While Sangeeth Sivan had promised that there would be a part 2 to this movie, we cannot ponder in dismay at who can replace the king of comedy Jagathy Sreekumar? Honestly, his absence would create an insatiable void.

Ee Parakkum Thalika 2

This movie is a laugh riot that takes most of us back to our childhood days. This movie’s limelight hogger was not Dileep. Neither was it Harisree Asokan. Undoubtedly, it was the good old Thamarakshan Pilla bus. After the movie’s shooting was wrapped up, the director had packed the vehicle off to a scrap dealer. It came as a pleasant surprise to the director when he spotted the very bus ten years later in an abandoned condition in Pollachi. It was then that the director thought to himself, “Why not go ahead and prep up a sequel with this star of a bus?” Of course, we are all still katta waiting to hear further good news on this!

Runway 2

A much-anticipated sequel of the 2004 Dileep starrer movie is underway. It has been over six years since we first heard of this news. Much to the dismay of Valayar Paramasivam fans, to date nothing much has been spoken about the movie. In 2017, the evergreen hit movie Runway’s director Joshiy confirmed that a sequel is in the works and a script has been zeroed in. With Runway being a runaway success, fans are certain that this sequel will have all the right ingredients to assure fireworks yet again. Of course, we will have to wait and see if it is “runways” or check-posts that we get to see in the sequel!

Hitler 2

“Hellon! Ee Hitler Madhavan Kuttyde veed evida?”

It’s hard to believe that this movie is almost a quarter-century old, especially because some of the dialogues are still so vivid in our minds. What a tough and badass big brother Madhavankutty was! When I was younger I thought he was an uber-cool older brother to have, till I grew up and realized the misogynistic vibe he exuded. Anyway, for the longest time, the grapevine was about Siddique coming back with a sequel to the blockbuster movie Hitler. However, all rumors were hushed with him denying the existence of any such plans. 

Fun fact: Did you know that Hitler was remade in Hindi with Sunil Shetty in the lead and it was a massive disaster? 

Mookilla Rajyathu 2

One of the most fondly remembered movies of the 90s is Mookilla Rajyathu.  This is also a movie where one laughs straight for the entire two hour stretch of the movie. This bunch of lunatics sure did set the laugh-o-meter bar high up with this incredibly humorous movie. When a sequel is announced for such a movie, the proposition does seem exciting. It was more than a decade back that director Thaha set high hopes declaring that he will be exploring a sequel to this movie. It was then rumored to have been running by mid-2010, but eventually, the reprise saga of the four mental asylum inmates was called off.

Punjabi House 2

Yes! Not a lot of people know but Punjabi House was supposed to have a sequel! In fact, hitmaker duo Rafi Mecartin had been exploring a script with Dileep set against the backdrop of Punjab. They had even tentatively announced it as “Lucky Singh” (rings a bell somewhere?). The whole reason this movie had to be scrapped was because it locked horns with another Sardarji themed movie which was also announced to start rolling soon (now, the bell has rung!). No prizes for guessing that I’m talking about Mallu Singh here. 

Mele Parambile Aanveedu 2

Mele Parambil Aanveedu is a pure family entertainer which had contributed towards Jayaram’s acceptance among the family audience and his journey towards the ‘Janapriyanayakan’ status in the ’90s. The sequel to this movie was rumoured to have gone on the floors in early 2011 but nobody knows why the idea was shelved later. Talks were that this movie would not be featuring the original leads Jayaram and Shobhana. Birdies told each other back then that the movie unveils Harikrishnan and Pavizham meeting with a car accident in this one with the movie’s plot steered by the events occurring in their son’s life. 

Adi Kapyare Kootamani 2

I’m sure a lot of people walked out of the theatres perplexed at the abrupt ending of the movie. Probably that was the reason, soon after Adi Kapyare Kootamani released, the producer took to the media and declared that the fun ride is not yet over and a sequel to this overnight comedy-horror tale is hanging about. Not sure why Google mentions Adi Kapyare Kootamani 2 as a 2016 release, but we’re still wondering why no additional updates have been enlightened on us. 


  1. I dont think the 2nd part of CID moosa, ee parakum thalikka would be a sucess coz dileep has lost that charm. If we look his recent movies he does be bring the life to his character as had done in old days. These movies would may end up like the sequels of in harihar nagar !!!!!!!

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