9 Famous Suresh Gopi Police Office Roles

Suresh Gopi has pulled off many characters but the best ones are when he plays the role of a police officer, saving the state, fighting terrorism, solving murders, and always fighting for the truth. The following are some of the finest police characters in his career.

Bharat Chandran I.P.S and Commissioner – Bharat Chandran I.P.S

This iconic character is an honest and righteous City Police Commissioner putting on a
one-man show against his corrupt senior officers as well as powerful politicians in Kerala. This character appeared in Commissioner (1994) and its sequel Bharat Chandran
I. P. S (2005), giving us the famous dialogue and signature move by Suresh Gopi, “What
the shit.”

F. I. R- SP Mohammed Sarkar

SP Mohammed Sarkar is an I.P.S, a family man, a loving father, and a husband. He’s posted
to investigate the murder of Rahim Haji but his sole purpose is to bring down the
Business Tycoon, Narendra Shetty. From Hawala Transactions to Fake Arms in the Military, Mohammad Sarkar only rests after Shetty and his henchman Chakrapani are defeated.

The Tiger- Chandrasekhar I. P. S

Appointed to solve the mystery of Varma’s death, Chandrasekhar I. P. S from the D. I.G
Crime Branch is like a tiger on the prowl trying to find the killer and the motive behind Varma’s
death. Soon he finds out that a gang with a bigger motive to churn out fake currency and instigate terrorism is involved. Realising that there is a traitor in his team, he tactfully finds him and foils the enemy’s plan, saving Kerala from terrorists.

Crime File- Idamatton Palackal Easow Panickar I.P.S

Crime Film is based on a true murder case that shook Kerala. D.I.G. Idamatton Palackal
Easo Panickar and his brilliant team aimed to solve the case of Sister Amala’s death who
was a nun. Things take a turn when one of the police officers is killed and Palackal Easo
Panickar has to solve the case with the existing clues to find the killer. His powerful
dialogues are a highlight of this movie.

Nariman- DYSP Ashok Nariman

Ashok Nariman is a Crime Branch DYSP who is assigned to re-investigate the ‘couple-
murder case’ as well as the ‘Ammini Missing case’. With a series of twists and turns, he
solves the cases, capturing the culprits, and setting the innocent free. He’s a fearless, truthful
officer who even interjects the judge’s verdict to save a man facing a death sentence.

Sound of Boot- SP Siddharth Mahadev

SP Siddharth Mahadev is an investigation officer who investigates the death of a
young woman, Meera Nambiar. Her husband and she were on their honeymoon when things went wrong. The psychological thriller, reveals a lot of other shocking truths during this investigation. The movie is based on the Rashomon Effect, and Siddharth, the intelligent officer uses this to his benefit.

IG Inspector General- IG Durga Prasad I. P. S

IG Durga Prasad I. P. S is the head of the Traffic Police. Events take a turn when he is
appointed as the leader of the anti-terrorism squad. Fighting against the fake allegations and
his fellow officers who are against him, he refuses to give up the inquiry. Realising that a
loved one is also a part of the terrorist group, he’s forced to take a tough but right

Twenty:20- Antony Punnekadan I. P. S

Twenty 20 is a dream project featuring almost all actors and artists in the Malayalam
industry. Antony Punnekadan I. P. S, the superintendent of police is short-tempered and prefers
getting his way by violence. He arrests the accused based on a personal vendetta. As the
story ensues, he keeps his ego aside and joins hand with the others to find the killer. He
still maintains his true self and temper throughout the movie entertaining the viewers

Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri- Sharafudeen Tharamasi I. P. S

Sharafuddeen Taramasi I. P. S is an encounter specialist from the Railway Anti-Criminal
Task Force (RACT) investigating a double murder and a murder attempt that occurred
on the Sauparnika Express, an inaugural journey. The coach and all the passengers are
questioned but everyone is blank. On the same night, the journey is recreated on the train as
Sharafudden I. P. S solves the mystery like a genius, leaving the viewers in awe.

What’s your favourite Suresh Gopi cop movie?


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