87 out of 100 Keralites Have Internet Connection, Second To Delhi

Keralites extensively take an internet connection for various purposes like studying, working and enjoying. The pandemic ensured an increase in the rate of consumption of data when our lives literally revolved around the daily data limit. It is not wrong to note that our lives greatly depended on the blessings from the data providers disguised as ‘offers’.

This has pushed Kerala to secure the second position after Delhi to have maximum internet connections in 100 people. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), 87 of every 100 individuals have an internet connection, while Delhi tops with 186 internet connections for every 100 persons. The national average stands at a rate of 60 out of 100.

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An interesting fact that differentiates Kerala from other states is the rate of internet connections in rural areas. While internet connections rise in the urban areas of most states; internet penetration is maximum in the rural areas in Kerala. In urban areas, the rate stands at 64 connections per 100 people; while there are 149 connections per 100 people in rural areas.

There are about 3.1 crore internet connections in Kerala. Maharashtra tops with 7.14 crore connections.

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