8 Things Every Foodie Will Relate To

Whenever my mum hears me referring to myself as a “foodie”, she turns to me and corrects me “Foodie alla. Theetipandaram. Foodie is the omanaperu foreigners have given to theetipandarams.”  I scowl at her and attempt for the bazillionth time to make her understand that there’s a fine line between being a foodie and a glutton, but in vain.

So, who is a foodie? Is it someone who keeps dreaming of food all the time? Someone who enjoys experimenting and whipping up new dishes in the kitchen? Or someone who uses all five senses to relish food? While you figure out the apt definition of a foodie, here are 8 confessions of this self-proclaimed foodie that most avid foodies might relate to.

It’s Friday evening! But I’m already planning what to eat for lunch on Saturday

My planning skills are definitely not of superlative quality. Sometimes, I don’t even plan and end up taking the most impromptu decisions. But when it comes to food, I always have it sorted. While finishing off work on Friday evenings, my thoughts range across an array of gastronomically delightful dishes I’m going to sink myself into right from dinner up to 24 hours later. So much variety to try out and so little time to plan!


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It’s not skipping a meal that makes me cranky. It’s having a bad meal!

It might be because “I live to eat” and not “eat to live” that the prospect of skipping a meal usually seems daunting. If I have to go to bed without eating a meal, I’d crib about it and be pretty ratty for a long while. But I’m at my crankiest when I have to put up with a crappy, semi-cooked meal that leaves a bad aftertaste in the mouth. Too much of a deal-breaker, if you ask me!


Getting the most flattering angle of my plate is a must, even if it means squatting on my seat

“Did you even have a meal if you did not manage to get a mouth-watering click of it?!”, is what my brain tells my tummy all the time. I’m that annoying person in the group who stops others from grabbing their grub just because I want a perfect click of the food-laden table. Erm yes, even if I gotta squat on my seat or do some mid-air yoga poses for that very accomplishment.


Ever done me wrong? Just get me some food!

Yeah, you don’t even have to say sorry. Patching up has never been easier! Just get me a plate of chicken biryani or something and I’ll be smiling ear to ear and maybe even forget that we had a row. In fact, two minutes into digging in I might just ask you to remind me what the occasion is.


My phone has more pictures of food than of people

Food photography gets me excited. I have a whole folder dedicated to food in my gallery with personalised names such as “food to experiment”, “food to order”, “eye candy food”, so on and so forth. If you glance through my Insta feed you’ll get to know that I follow more food hashtags than any other kind of hashtags.


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Chuck fancy eateries! Let’s go to a thattukada

One of my favourite pastimes is going through Zomato to check out the menus of food joints nearby to see if there’s anything exciting or new. But sometimes all you need is a simple plate of comfort food served to you in the form of thani naadan poricha kozhi accompanied with flaky porottas.


I avoid stuffing myself just to make sure that I can say “Yes” to dessert

Apart from planning what to have, I also do plan on how much to have. This is usually done in such a way that I leave enough room for desserts. The trick is to eat slowly so that you have enough time to realise when you’re almost full. Of course, I’m not counting those days when my strong-willed self gets the better of me and I politely pass the pudding bowl.


The success of my vacations depends 80% on how much I enjoyed the food there

Sight-seeing, relaxing, shopping – agreed that all these form a huge part of pleasure trips. But according to me, a trip can be called an “Amazing!” only if I get to eat some of the authentic and delicious local cuisines. I also don’t mind walking an extra mile or standing in long queues for hours to treat my palate to some flavoursome and unfamiliar nosh.


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So, fellow foodies, what do you want to confess?


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