8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Aaraattu, as anyone who has watched the film would say, is a film for Mohanlal fans. If you haven’t watched the film yet, we’ll give you eight reasons to book your tickets and watch this spectacle. Chumma, oru rasam!

Full ettan mayam

If you are a hardcore Mohanlal fan who loves to watch Lalettan act, dance and beat people for three whole hours, you will love this movie. Don’t worry about missing his screen presence for even five minutes. Ettan is everywhere.

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Compilation of Mohanlal movie references

It will be a tedious task to count the number of Mohanlal movie references in Aaraattu (I counted 32). This is a full-round Mohanlal comedy spoof movie presented by the actor himself. You are going to see the “narasimhathinu aram thampuranilundaya babakalyani”.

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Battalion of villains

Do you feel bored when a single villain goofs around the superhero throughout the entire movie? Well, this movie brings you a battalion of villains so that you don’t get tired. Even a single one can’t get past our Gopan’s level. Director brilliance!

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Fight club Pro Max

The first rule of fight club, don’t talk about fight club. The entire village knows about Neyyatinkara Gopan’s signature move but they never reveal it. Even the villains know when he is about to bring it on. But they welcome him with a warm smile. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Mohanlal new film

Political correctness ilenna paraathi venda

Modern problems require modern solutions. After a series of rampant sexist and ableist jokes, we get two mass dialogues on political correctness so that we all admire the character’s simplicity and inclusion. Ironical much?

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Money heist Denver reference

Remember when Denver called Tokyo a Maserati in Money Heist? We have a similar reference in this movie. Every woman in Aaraattu is indeed a car according to Gopan. What a life it is to drive and to be driven on bro!


Goodbye to bitter old memories

The fountain of Mohanlal movie references will be so stuck in your mind that the old ones will be entirely wiped off. So, when you hear the dialogues or songs from an old movie in Aaraattu, you will be reminded of Aaraattu. Not the original movie. And as a brownie point, if the old reference reminds you of a rather sad past, Gopan is definitely going to save you from it.


Climaxile twistod twist

After the whopping excitement of the first half, the second half comes with a stream of twists which is going to leave you utterly astonished. Shylock and Salaam Kashmir, you’ve got one helluva competition. We’d suggest you bow down to Aaraattu.

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aaraattu

Not just that, you are assured not to fall asleep even if you like or dislike the movie. Arattu is indeed a festival of mayhem and chaos. Can’t wait to see? Book your tickets right now!

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