8 Most Wacky Street Performances We Bet You Didn’t Know Exist In Kerala

Kerala is known for its rich culture, stunning beaches, and delicious food. But there’s another side of Kerala that many people don’t know about: its street performers in circuses. From mind-boggling magic acts to daredevil stunts, these performers will leave you both confused and entertained. Here are the eight most wacky street performances you can see in Kerala.

Fire-breathing Unicyclist

8 Most Wacky Street Performances We Bet You Didn't Know Exist In Kerala

A man riding a unicycle while breathing fire? Only in Kerala! This fearless performer will leave you on the edge of your seat as he balances on one wheel while belching flames. 

The fire-breathing unicyclist is a truly unique and awe-inspiring performer who can only be found in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This fearless individual showcases his impressive skills by riding a unicycle while simultaneously breathing fire. It will leave onlookers on the edge of their seats. 

The performance requires excellent balance, coordination, and control, as the unicyclist must stay upright on the unicycle and control the flames he is exhaling. The combination of these two feats is an actual test of the performer’s abilities, and it’s easy to see why this act is so captivating. The fire-breathing unicyclist is always a crowd-pleaser, and his daring act is sure to highlight any street performance.

Snake Charmers

Snakes have never been so entertaining! Snake charming is a traditional art form that has been around for centuries. It’s believed to have originated in India and has since spread to other countries in the Middle East and Africa. 

In Kerala, snake charmers are a common sight on the streets, performing their daring acts for crowds of onlookers. These fearless performers have a unique talent for charming snakes and are not afraid to handle even the deadliest cobras. They start by playing a particular instrument called a pungi, which creates a hypnotic sound that captivates the snakes. The charmer slowly approaches the snake and begins to charm it, all while cracking jokes and making the audience laugh. 

The skill and bravery required to perform these acts are truly remarkable. The snake charmers in Kerala have honed their craft over many years, and they’re constantly adding new tricks and techniques to their repertoire. Whether making the snake dance or simply holding it up for the crowd to see, these performers never fail to impress. So, if you’re ever in Kerala and looking for a unique and entertaining experience, check out the snake charmers. You’ll be in for a treat as these fearless performers put on a show that will leave you both amazed and amused.

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8 Most Wacky Street Performances We Bet You Didn't Know Exist In Kerala

Jugglers in Kerala take their act to the next level. Expect to see flaming clubs, knives, and even machetes easily tossed around. They take the traditional art of juggling to the next level, incorporating fire and other dangerous elements into their acts. These performers have honed their skills through years of practice and dedication, making them some of the most skilled jugglers you’ll ever see.

As the juggler starts to twirl and toss the flaming objects, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary juggling act. The heat from the flames and the sharp edges of the knives and machetes add an extra layer of danger, making every trick all the more impressive. The skill and precision required to perform these acts are truly remarkable.

Aside from the danger, the fire-breathing unicyclist is a true spectacle. With flames pouring from their mouth and the added challenge of balancing on a single wheel, these performers will leave you in awe. Seeing a unicyclist juggling flaming objects while breathing fire is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So if you’re looking for an exciting and unforgettable show, check out the jugglers in Kerala.

Magic Acts

Magic acts are always a crowd-pleaser, but the magicians in Kerala take things to a whole new level. From levitation to disappearing acts, you won’t believe your eyes. The magicians in Kerala are known for their creativity and ability to push the limits of what is possible. They use various techniques, from traditional sleight of hand to modern technology, to create illusions that will leave you in amazement. Whether they’re levitating high in the air, disappearing before your very eyes, or making objects appear out of thin air, these magicians are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In addition to their skill and technical proficiency, the magicians in Kerala also possess a great deal of charisma and showmanship. They understand how to engage an audience and create a sense of excitement and wonder. They’re not just doing tricks – they’re telling stories and creating experiences you’ll never forget.

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Stilt Walkers

8 Most Wacky Street Performances We Bet You Didn't Know Exist In Kerala

In Kerala, stilt walkers are a common sight, towering above the crowds as they stride down the street. These performers balance on long wooden or metal poles, which lift them several feet off the ground, allowing them to see over the heads of the crowd. The skill required to walk on stilts is not to be underestimated, as it takes years of practice and balance to perform even the simplest of tasks while on stilts.

But these stilt walkers take things to the next level, juggling balls, clubs, and even knives while they’re up in the air. It’s a truly breathtaking sight to see these performers manoeuvring objects while maintaining their balance on stilts. And the daring feats they perform only add to the excitement. From acrobatics to fire-breathing, these stilt walkers will leave you in awe as they perform their death-defying acts.

The Acrobat Family

This group of acrobats will leave you speechless with their impressive acrobatics. This talented group is known for their incredible acrobatics that push the limits of what is physically possible. They will balance on tight ropes, soaring through the air as they somersault and flip in midair. Their ability to perform intricate acrobatics while blindfolded is especially mind-blowing, as they trust their bodies and each other to execute these daring moves with precision and grace.

Each member of the Acrobat Family brings their unique skills to the group, creating a diverse and captivating performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether they’re performing as a group or as individual performers, they’ll amaze you with their strength, flexibility, and coordination. Their passion for acrobatics shines through in every performance, and they never fail to leave audiences in awe.

The Balloon Man

8 Most Wacky Street Performances We Bet You Didn't Know Exist In Kerala

The Balloon Man is a street performer in Kerala who uses balloons as his medium of creativity. He is a master of balloon twisting, able to create a wide range of shapes and figures with just a few twists and turns of the balloons.

From simple animals like dogs and birds to more complex objects like swords and hats, this street performer will leave you amazed with his balloon sculptures. His quick hands and vivid imagination bring the balloons to life, creating a visual spectacle for all to enjoy. Whether young or old, you’ll find yourself entertained and amused by the Balloon Man’s show.

The Contortionist

This street performer will bend and twist in ways you never thought were possible. He’ll leave you gasping in amazement and wondering how he can contort his body in such strange and unusual ways. He bends, twists, and turns his body in impossible ways. With every movement, he pushes the limits of what the human body can do, showcasing his incredible skill and control.

His acts involve twisting and contorting himself into unusual positions and poses, all while maintaining balance and control. The Contortionist’s performance is a true testament to the power of the human body and the art of contortion.

So, there you have it – the eight most wacky street performances you can only see in Kerala. So, the next time you’re in Kerala, check out these street performers and get ready for a wild and hilarious ride!

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