8 Mollywood Crime Thrillers That You Must Watch

With newspapers filled with gruesome murder reports, we often wonder- how can a human being be this heartless? How does the police seize the culprit even after they carefully execute their dreadful plan?

Many a time, movies help us in understanding the psychology of criminals, loopholes in our justice system, and the extremities to which a human being can be pushed. We all remember how his keen watching of investigative-thrillers helped Mohanlal’s character in Drishyam escape the entire justice system and save his family. Here is a list of must-watch Mollywood investigative-thrillers; not to help you get away with murder, but to give you a glimpse into the world of criminals.

Varikuzhiyile Kolapathakam

Apart from the brilliant performances from Amith Chakkalakal and Dileesh Pothan, this movie makes into the list because of its unique plot. By the end of the first half, we know who the perpetrator is, but we have no clue whatsoever about who he killed and why. Usually, a crime thriller keeps you guessing who the killer is, but here we end up longing to know who the victim was.


Suresh Gopi is known as the brand ambassador of Kerala police and this movie is yet another masterpiece from this brilliant actor. He plays the role of an investigating officer who investigates the death of his half-brother’s wife. With numerous plot twists, this movie stuns us with its final revelation.

Sethurama Iyer CBI

This movie was the third in the CBI investigation sequel and remains my favourite. After seeing all the rough and tough officers in our movies it was a fresh breath of air to see a paan-chewing, kuri adorning, simple-dressed officer who had a keen eye for detail. Like the CBI movies before it, this too keeps us guessing who the culprit is until the last minute. But this particular movie was the only one in the CBI series where I failed to guess the real perpetrator.

Mumbai Police

Prithviraj’s character in Mumbai Police, Antony Moses, will remain one of his best performances. He did a remarkable job of portraying the range of emotions this character goes through. The climax of this movie was the beginning of a new era of other-sexual identity-related movies in Malayalam. It can be rightly said that Prithviraj’s brave portrayal of this role paved way for movies like Njan Marykutty and Aalorukam.


This movie has all the elements required for a crime thriller – intrigue, suspense, and great bgm. This Mohanlal starer stood out not only because of the final surprise element but also for the innovative ways in which the killer executed his plans – the mysterious alphabetical pattern, the cross slits on victim’s forehead. The movie brilliantly portrays the game of chess between Chandrasekhar (Mohanlal) and the villain while we wait with bated breath to see who would emerge as the Grandmaster.  

The Truth

The truth was another brilliant investigative thriller from Mamooty. Mamooty adorns the role of an IPS officer who comes down to Kerala to investigate the death of a much-loved politician. The movie goes through various twists – a woman who is later identified as a man, understanding that the politician was not the real victim of the crime and the final revelation of the murderer who we would not have guessed in our dreams. Vani Vishwanath, the lady-action- superstar of Malayalam cinema, is another visual treat in this movie.

The Tiger

When Suresh Gopi adorns khaki our hopes get high and The Tiger didn’t let us down. The movie revolves around the main villain – Musafir, whose identity is not revealed until the end. Gopika, Siddique and Saikumar play equally strong characters in this movie. The fast-paced storytelling, brilliant acting and mind-blowing climax make this movie a must-watch.


Prithviraj wonderfully portrayed the role of an alcoholic police officer who has given up on his life post the tragedy that befell his family. Just when he thought that his world had come to a standstill, he was made the lead investigator of a series of murders that appeared to be totally disconnected. Even though the eccentric killer was not much of a surprise to us, what blew our minds was the brilliance in which the murderer was finally killed. Who thought a fish bowl could be used in such an innovative way?

That was our list of 8 crime thrillers. Do you have others that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments section.

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