7 Malayalam Movies With The Best, Most Unpredictable Climaxes

The climax is the soul of a movie, I would say. A recent example that I can think of is the movie Varuthan. The whole movie was beautifully shot, but what stayed with us was the last 20 minutes of the climax. Another movie that comes to me is Vandhanam, even today I think of how the climax would have changed if the movie happened in our mobile phone-era!

More than often climax also decides the fate of a movie for the climax decides the emotion with which the audience leaves the theatre. Here are a few of those stunning climaxes that made us jump with joy, cry like a child, or clap like the ultimate fan.


The climax of this movie single-handedly made it the most memorable Malayalam cinema experience ever. I still remember the thunderous applause in the cinema hall when Prithviraj used basic laws of science to shoot a criminal who was ready to set the whole place ablaze. Who knew that a fishbowl could be put to this use!


The menacing issue of moral policing is portrayed fantastically in this movie. The climax was a revelation for me that Malayalam cinema has indeed taken a turn for good. When Vasudha realizes the quantum of importance Sachi gives to her virginity/bodily integrity, she showed him the middle finger. Vasudha should be a role model for all of us- A man who respects us based on the patriarchal sense of “purity” must be shown the door right away.


This climax would have haunted every one of us long after we finished watching the movie.  Many could not digest the fact that their superstar was both the hero and the villain of the movie. Our hero was not the open book we expected him to be. He was a psycho-killer who tore apart everyone who restricted his freedom. I distinctly remember the silence in the cinema hall after the lights came back on.


The applause in the theatre for this climax still rings in my ears. Until the end of the movie, we prayed fervently; hoping that the police would not recover the body buried in Georgekutty’s backyard. In the climax, however, we learn that the evidence is buried in plain sight.

Ponmuttayidunna Tharavau

This is a go-to movie for every gloomy day. Most of us would have lost count of the number of times we’ve watched this movie. In the climax, we realize that our hero-goldsmith Bhaskaran is not only innocent but also smart. We also get to see the young, beautiful wife of Hajiyar, who until then was hidden from us.  Finally, we get to know that Bhaskaran has found his true love.

Nammuku Parkam Munthirithopukal

A movie that is abundant in colour, biblical references and romance- Nammuku Parkam Munthirithopukal was much ahead of its time. Towards the end of the movie, we thought the lead actress who is raped by her stepfather would commit suicide (which was actually the initial plan of the team behind this movie!) and the hero would live forever in deep despair. However, to our utter surprise Solomon and Sophi would go on to start a life together (hopefully in a vineyard of their dreams). Nammuku Parkam Munthirithopukal was a turning point in Malayalam cinema, which until then had all elements of a misplaced sense of patriarchy. This climax definitely paved the way for many other great movies and climaxes.


Aniyathipravu would have remained a normal movie had it not been for its fresh faces and a surprising climax. The story which developed like a normal love story caught us with surprise when the star-crossed lovers decide to part ways because of their love for their respective families. However, in the end, those parents showed us what real love means and that the happiness of their kids is of prime importance to them.

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