7 Islands That You Must Visit in Kerala

Kerala is known for its lush greenery and serene backwaters. But our homeland has quite a few breathtaking islands too. We thought we would make a list of the top 7 that you must visit asap!

Here’s our list of 7 islands that you must visit in Kerala.

1. Poovar

Know for its serene beaches and golden sand, Poovar is located at the juncture of Neyyar river and the Arabian sea. It is 23 km away from Trivandrum railway station and 25 km away from Trivandrum International Airport. Poovar offers a unique view o the backwaters that Kerala is famous for and has an abundance of exotic wildlife. Check into one of the many resorts nearby and enjoy the majestic crimson sunset as you sip on a glass of coconut water. And while you’re there, take a boat trip along the backwaters when you visit, you won’t regret it!

Photo courtesy: keralatourism.org

2. Vypeen

Vypeen is located about 5kms from Ernakulam and is known for its beautiful beaches – Kuzhupilly, Puthuvype, Cherai, and Munambam. Formed due to a flood in the 14th century, this island was developed by the Portuguese and is a testament to Kerala’s connection with Portugal. It is said that you can hear Portuguese influence in the dialect that the residents speak. Vypeen is not just a beach destination though. While you’re there, check out the Lighthouse at Puthuvype (open from 3 pm to 5 pm every day) and Pallipuram Fort (a 16th-century Portuguese fort) as they are said to one of the biggest attractions of Vypeen. Vypeen is also home to some unexplored trekking spots and if you’re a thrill seeker, head out with a group of friends to find secluded lighthouses!

Photo courtesy: Varkey Parakkal

3. Bolgatty Island

Located near Fort Kochi, Bolgatty is famous for the Bolgatty Palace and the Kochi International Marina. The Bolgatty Palace was built by the Dutch in 1744 and later controlled by the British. It is now under the care of Kerala Tourism Department Corporation (KTDC) and has been transformed into a resort complete with a golf course and honeymoon cottages. The Kochi International Marina is the only one of its kind in India and it is a place where you can experience the majesty of Kerala’s backwaters in full splendour.

Photo courtesy: keralatourism.org

4. Kuruvadweep

Kuruvadweep (Kuruva Island) is a group of islets in Wayanad. Located about 17 km from Mananthavady, the tributaries of the Kabani river traverse this region. This wooded forest that spans 960 acres is home to some exotic flora and fauna that thrive in the lush greenery. The one thing that you must try when you’re here is the bamboo boat ride as it exposes you to the enchanting sights of rural Wayanad. One thing that you should keep in mind though is that entry is restricted during monsoons – June to September.

Photo courtesy: keralatourism.org

5. Willingdon Island

Named after the former Viceroy, Lord Willingdon, this island is the largest man-made island in India. If that doesn’t qualify for it to make it to your list of travel destinations, you should also know that it is a major commercial centre and has some of the best hotels in the city. Willingdon Island is located about 3 km away from the Ernakulam railway station and 26 km away from the Cochin International airport. It is home to the Kochi Base of the Indian Navy and the Port of Kochi. Take a ferry ride/boat trip from the island and you will be in for a visual treat of the Kochi coastline.

Photo courtesy: Vssun at Malayalam Wikipedia

6. Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is an uninhabited island located about 100 metres away from Dharmadam beach. It is about 5 km away from Thalassery railway station and 101 km away from the Calicut International Airport. What makes this island attractive is the seclusion that it offers you as it is uninhabited and covered by a dense coconut jungle. Be warned though, you can reach the island only during low tide.

Photo courtesy: keralatourism.org

7. Munroe Island

Located at the confluence of Ashtamudi lake and Kallada rivers in Kollam, Munroe Island (Munroethuruthu) is a green paradise. It is 27 km away from Kollam and offers a breathtaking view of emerald green waters that span for miles. This island is so old that anthropologists have unearthed megaliths and Stone-Age tools! If you’re visiting in August-September, look out for the Kallada boat race as it is held in Munroe 28 days after Onam. Regardless, take a boat trip around Munroe Island for it is the authentic Kerala backwaters experience that you’re yearning for!

Photo courtesy: Kkkriku

Now that was our top 7. Are there other islands that you think we should add to this list? Let us know in comments.

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