6 Times Suresh Gopi Showed Us That He’s A Badass

A ‘punch dialogue’ invokes a lot of emotion in the audience, it gives us goosebumps and gets our heart racing. And delivering these punch dialogues is an art that deserves a lot of appreciation. Malayalam cinema has quite a few actors who have impeccable dialogue delivery, but the true King of punch dialogues is Suresh Gopi.

Here are 6 times he got us all pumped up

Just remember that! – Commissioner

Suresh Gopi’s dialogue delivery, plus his display of physical strength, and the background score makes it one of the most memorable scenes in Malayalam cinema.

Well, I don’t think anyone will dare to forget Bharat Chandran IPS after this monologue. But before we move on to another movie, here’s one more from Commissioner (it was too good to not include in this list.

Ormayundo ee mugam – Commissioner

Though it doesn’t invoke the same emotions as the “Just remember that” sequence, this one is still quite memorable. And from the day this movie hit the screens, we’ve used this dialogue at every occasion that we deemed fit. 

Chakochi monologue – Lelam

Malayalam movies from our childhood often have these extended monologue sequences that have almost disappeared in the ‘new gen’ movies. This scene from Lelam is arguably one of the best monologues from the 90s. 

Shut your filthy trap… – Pathram

Have you had disagreements with your boss? I’m sure you have, and I’m sure you’ve wanted to speak out and put your point across the way Suresh Gopi does in Pathram. 

Hope you (don’t) get inspired and give your boss a piece of your mind today!

24 hours! It’s very long a time… – Crime File

Here’s another mass dialogue from Suresh Gopi in khaki.

The only thing running through my head after hearing this one is – vellu villikyaanengil ingane vellu vilikkyanam!

And finally, here’s Suresh Gopi showing us that he can be badass not just on screen, but in real life too. Despite what your political inclinations are, and the number of memes born out of this speech, you cannot deny the impact that it had when you first heard it. 

That was our list. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

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