6 Netflix Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Hello there, did our title catch your attention? 

Let’s get this straight, Netflix exist for purely entertainment purposes. They do what mainstream media houses don’t – they break visual (and storyline) boundaries by exploring the unknown and making kick-ass entertainment movies/tv shows. But, did you know that you could do more than just stream movies or binge-watch TV shows? A true Netflix-ite would know few hacks that can help them make the best use of their subscription. After all, they’ve got to make full use of the pricey premium they pay to watch the OTT services provided by the online streaming platform.

If you aren’t quite sure of what we’re exactly talking about, read on. These Netflix hacks will make your life a better place, trust us. While you’re at it, take a look at these 10 little-known Netflix shows all Malayalis should watch.

Know What Happens Before It Happens

Netflix is known for experimenting with their technology. They’ve always wanted to give users a better viewing experience, which is why they very so often roll-out new features that keep viewers interested. But, if you do want to know what their tech team comes up with before they roll-out it out the feature publicly, you can do so easily. Just head to your Settings, click Test Participation and enrol yourself. Not only will you get updates on the upcoming features before the rest of the world, but also be able to give feedback by testing it out yourself.

Sleep & Watch

Now, you can lie on your bed and watch Netflix on your laptop without breaking your neck. Install the Netflix Flip Chrome Extension that can allow you to flip, zoom, spin according to your sleeping position. And yes, it works brilliantly. Give it a try.

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Want Better Quality Videos? 

Let us get you in on a secret – You can watch videos on Netflix without worrying about its quality if, and only if, you watch during off-peak hours. In India, it would be early morning hours, afternoon, and after midnight. Mind you, it’s going to f*ck up your daily routine, but who cares, a binge-watch session of Stranger Things is much better than heading to work, right?

Classify Movies On The Basis Of Year of Release (On Netflix)

You see, some of us really OCD about watching movies based on the year it was released. It’s more organised that way. Plus, we get to know what we’ve missed out on, in a more systematic manner. If you’re the kind who needs to classify movies before you start watching, just head to the Genre of movie you want to watch. On the right-hand side corner of the page, you’ll see an icon with four dots. Now, that’s the ‘Suggestions For You’ icon. When clicked, it will drop down to four different options, of which, Year Released is one. Click on that and consider the job done.

Netflix Judgment Is A Thing

No matter what your friends say, they are judging your Netflix browsing history. And once they come to know of your guilty pleasures, your life is going to be one helluva embarrassing roller-coaster ride. You can avoid all that if you just listen to us. You can now ‘selectively’ remove your Netflix watches. All you have to do is head to this page right here and hide anything. Your choice. It’s exactly like clearing your Google browsing history.

Keyboard Shortcuts For The Lazy Netflix User

You’re Welcome!

  1. F – Full Screen
  2. ESC – Exit Screen
  3. M – Mute
  4. Spacebar – Pause & Play
  5. S – Skip Intro

That’s all folks. You can either make use of the above Netflix hacks we’ve mentioned or stay lame (just kidding). These hacks promise a better viewing experience only so that you enjoy every second of the streaming service. Our advice: Optimise it fully!

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