5 Malayalam Ads That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

The YouTube generation will never know the value of the “Skip Ad” button. Growing up in the 90s, you were forced to watch ads between your favourite tv shows or movies. Back then, you wanted these ad breaks to end and for the show to resume. But some of them have aged really well and hit you with so much nostalgia that I bet they’ll take you back to your childhood right-away.

And the first one is…


Ah, the TVs from our childhood! 1080p HD and flat screens seemed ages away, but we celebrated what we had. And BPL had some good appliances.

Did you know that BPL was founded in Kerala? It was founded in 1963 by T. P. G. Nambiar in Palakkad as a company for manufacturing hermetically sealed precision panel meters for the defence forces. It all but faded away after our childhood but it still has a few products in the market and is quite well known in the health care equipment world.

Manorama Calendar

I know you heard Thilakan saying, “Calendar, Manorama thanne!” when you read the heading. When Apple combined the phone, the mp3 player, and the camera into one device, Manorama combined everything under the Sun (and charted the stars). Don’t believe us? Hear it from the Malayali Nick Fury himself.

This ad is so popular that we have memes of it to this day.


This one was a national trend. The catchy tune and memorable lyrics made Nirma a household name.

I would rank this ad as one of the most memorable ads ever on Indian television and I’m sure it would’ve gone viral if it had been released in the Internet age.

Lunar Chappal

When the King of Comedy stars in an ad, it’s bound to be memorable. Jagathy convinces us that Lunar chappals don’t slip, though I don’t remember if that was really the case.

The iconic white and blue Lunar chappals were almost like a new Converse – the white looked great for a few days but once it turned brown, it lost its shine forever.


Tide, move aside! We’ve got the OG washing soap here.

This ad was so popular that I still know the theme song and “vannallo vanamala!” has become a part of our everyday conversations. Now that’s brand recognition!

That was our list. Do you have any favourites from the past? Let us know in the comments section below.

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