5-Min Catch Up With Bloodywood, The Indian Folk Metal Band Making Waves Worldwide

From doing covers of Bollywood songs and going viral with their unique rendition of Eminem’s Heavy song, Bloodywood has craved a niche that’s made us all appreciate heavy metal like never before. Based out of New Delhi, this band has creatively infused Indian flavours into heavy metal and that’s caused a new ripple in the genre across the world.

Like many of us here, we’re excited to watch them perform live at IndieGaga in Kochi on the 21st of January. We had a chance to have a quick chat with the team and you might want to check this conversation out.

From YouTube to live performances, what a journey it has been for you. Tell us a memorable experience that you cannot seem to forget.

Playing at the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany. There was a crowd of 30,000 people and we haven’t seen that many people move and go that hard all at once!

When you got the news of becoming the first Indian metal band to break into the Billboard charts with your debut album, Rakshak, how did you celebrate?

We cracked open a few beers and toasted the achievement but our eyes were set on the bigger prize of the Billboard Hot 100. So we didn’t celebrate too hard because we missed out on it despite an amazing push by our supporters. We’ll get it next time.

This is your first time performing in Kerala and among Malayali artists. Tell us what is going through your mind.

Our bassist Roshan Roy is from Kerala and so are a few of our friends who’ve told us a lot of good things. We’ve also played at festivals with Avial and Thaikkudam Bridge and enjoyed their sets, so we’re really looking forward to playing in Kerala and experiencing the whole scene. We shot our music video “Aaj” there and it was a bad but hilarious experience so this time we want to come here and have the best time.

Apart from playing live, what else are you looking forward to doing while in Kerala?

Eating pepper fry and parotta!

If you were to describe your music to a first-time listener, what would you say?

This is going to be a violent sensory overload that might leave you with a smile on your face.

In an interview, you mentioned that you bring a new flavour to the heavy metal genre and that’s one of the reasons you’ve garnered praise from all over the world. How would you describe this ‘flavour’ and when did strike you that it would work well for you all?

It’s about fusing Indian folk instruments and other genres of music with Metal as well as always making a song that carries a meaningful message.

Our first bit of proof that we were on to something was our cover of Mundian toh Bach Ke, where we successfully experimented with the dhol and other Punjabi instruments. Then came the cover of tunak tunak in the same direction and it was received even better. And finally, our remix of Ari Ari which introduced hip hop and the flute went viral across the world and we never looked back.

How excited are you to perform at IndieGaga? What are you looking forward to at the event? And, which band/musicians are you excited to strike up a conversation over there?

We’re really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see Motherjane perform.

How’s 2023 looking for you?

Exciting as hell, we’re doing our biggest tour of Europe yet in March, and then we’re playing some of the biggest festivals in the world in May and June. After that, we’re coming home to work on new music.

Excited to watch Bloodywood live? Book your tickets to IndieGaga in Kochi here.

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