5 Kerala Youths On A Bike Goes Viral And Gets Fined

A recent viral Instagram reel of five youths in uniform with the ‘Superman’ pose travelling on a bike was trending. It became so popular that the road transport officials too noticed and actions were taken against them.

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The youths were identified to be Joyal V Jomon, Albin Shaji, Akhil Sabu, Agil Joseph and Albin Antony, who are second-year BBA students of Rajamudi Mar Sleeva College, Idukki. Joyal, who drove the scooter was fined Rs. 2000 and his driver’s license was suspended for three months. All of them were directed to do social work for two days at the Idukki medical college.

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Idukki RTO R Ramanan said that the students were travelling in a dangerous manner. The RTO also gave awareness to the students about the adversities of rash driving, before they were asked to do the social work.

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