5 Guinness World Records That’s Hard To Break

Why do we all love reading the book of Guinness World Records? Well, it has some extraordinary records of extraordinary people! Some of these records are so unbelievable that we wouldn’t have even thought it was possible in the first place. Did you know that more than one hundred million copies of the Guinness World Records have been sold in almost forty languages? That’s how much we love the record-setters of the world.

Here are some of our favourite Guinness World Record Holders:

Blowing Bubbles in a Bubble

No matter what age we are, the idea of blowing bubbles will always spark joy. But for Chang Yu-Te, blowing bubbles is a matter of skill and pleasure. This guy was able to create a total of 783 small bubbles in a gigantic bubble in just two minutes. Watch the video, and be prepared to be shocked! The ease in which Chang Yu-Te does it is just pure brilliance.

The Fastest Chicken Nugget Eater

We all sure love our chicken nuggets! But, the question is, how much can you eat? And most importantly, how fast can you finish it? Nela Zisser, the former Miss Earth New Zealand had eaten 16 nuggets (weighing over 298 grams) in a minute’s time. You can see her literally gulp down the nuggets.


Human Water Fountain

Kirubel Yilma from Ethiopia has a skill that’s very hard to master. This guy can gulp down bottles of water, yes bottles, and spray water from his mouth for a long period of time. Phew! Kirubel sprayed water from his mouth for 56.36 seconds, beating the original record of 46.86 seconds.

The Man With the Fancy Beard

What does one usually do with a beard? Groom it well. Tame it well. After all, looking after a beard is a responsibility. But, Joel Strasser begged to differ. So far, he has achieved six Guinness World records titles for decorating his beard with 302 Christmas bottles, 312 plastic straws, 121 forks, 602 golf tees, 3500 toothpicks, and 520 chopsticks. Yes, you heard that right!

The Longest Plank Ever

Raise your hands up if you can’t hold a plank for more than a minute. George Hood, however, seems to love planks. So much that, he can hold a plank for 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Did I just hear you screech for a second, there? Oh and, he is 62 years old! Congrats George, you just made us feel useless.

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