4 Mesmerising Spots You Should Visit In Idukki

Idukki is one of the most scenic and beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Like most parts of Kerala, the district boasts of lush greenery, mesmerising waterfalls, tea gardens and green mountains.

While Idukki is tucked away from the serene backwaters and coconut plantations, it has places that sets it apart. Of which the famous Idukki Dam is one which reckons people from across the globe. Situated 1,200 m above sea leave and dense forest for company, cool factor of the region is always under check. It’s one of the summer retreats in Kerala where you will not regret visiting even for a moment.

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And as you visit Idukki, do not forget to pay a visit to the four mesmerising spots:


Ramakkalmedu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Idukki. In the recent times, its popularity grew after the huge statue of Kuravan and Kurathi were placed on the hill, depicting the Sangam period. You can also trek up the hill opposite; which is three to four kilometres from Ramakkalmedu Junction. While the terrain is mostly smooth, there are rocky paths too. From one side of the hill you can see a panoramic view of Tamil Nadu holding together an array of unending farms and the prepossessing skies. And on the other side, Idukki puts on display everything it has been cradling since birth. We did suggest, go for the trek, it is worth it!

Calvary Mount

Kalvari/Calvary Mount or locally known as Kurishumala, the hill top provides an altruistic view of the Idukku dam on side side and Ayyappancovil on one side. It also extends to show Kamakshy and Mariyapuram villages. The hill is a small walk from the road where you can also take your vehicles. It is known as Kurishumala for Kurishu which can be translated to ‘Cross’ in Malayalam in reminiscence of the Jesus’s way to Calvery Mount.

Hill View Park

Hill View Park provides great views of both Idukki and Cheruthoni Dams. With the temperature dipping as you go up, mild rain keeps the pathway drenched. A slope leads the way to the park above, which encompasses of beautiful flower trees and plants. Once up, the view will speak for itself. Untouched by changing times, the hills stand tall holding waters from mighty rivers at a distance. With fog descending and ascending all around you, the scenery is simply enchanting. A part of the park also has a children’s play area and boating. Also, ensure that you take a closer look at Cheruthoni Dam if entry is permitted.

Idukki Dam

Idukki Dam is the world’s second and Asia’s first arch dam which has been constructed on the Periyar river. The dam is a sight in itself which can even be spotted from mountain tops surrounding the water body. And ensure that you take closer a look at the man made beauty from the thin-arch concrete. Depending on the weather conditions, the arch is kept open. Entry to both Idukki Dam and Cheruthoni Dam remains closed on weekends.

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While the best time to visit Idukki is January or February, months post monsoon from September to December is also apt. Although Idukki looks its best during the rains, the same can also cause blockades, landslides and similar issues. However, depending on the weather conditions, you can set out on an adventure trip in the monsoon.

Are there more popular places we have missed out on? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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