What We All Wanted to do When We Grew Up

I guess the only thing we’ve all wanted to do when we were little was to just grow up! While we were given a big speech script in our elementary school which went on and on about who we wanted to be when we grew up, there were these little unscripted wishes we all had. Those moments of glee when we were handed a ball-point pen to scribble instead of a pencil or when we were asked to make our food and we made sandwiches out of Parle-g and ketchup (oh wait, you didn’t?)! Here’s a throwback to some of those little bouts of happiness and wishes. To all those moments when we couldn’t wait for our amma to stop pouring Horlicks down our ‘annaakk’ and wanted to taste wine in sleek glasses!


Wear a saree/mundu

Wear a saree/mundu

To date, we have not found anything that looks classier than this. Though at the end of the day, we can’t wait to remove the countless safety pins and a leather belt that hold these yards of clothing together, we can’t help but admire how kickass we look in this attire. Childhood was mostly about draping your mom’s dupatta as a saree and tying another one on your head as your make-believe hair ( an ode to all those girls who had boy-cut till they were 15!). ‘Mund madakki kuthal’ and being Mundakkal Shekaran on stage for fancy dress events was every little boy’s dream come true moment!

Ride a bike

What We All Wanted to do When We Grew Up

We never appreciated ourselves enough for learning to stand up on our own two feet from crawling on all fours, did we? But we sure remember the day we learned to ride a bicycle without the support wheels. All the bruises and cuts were worth the moment we realised that we could ride on our own now and could even go to school on one now! We would be ever so envious of the chettanmaar who would whiz past us on bikes and we would longingly look at them as we couldn’t wait to turn 18!

Have proper textbooks

What We All Wanted to do When We Grew Up

Ever had group study sessions with your cousins? Summer vacations usually had scores of holiday homework strapped onto us so we ended up carrying them to our ancestral house where everyone would come together to spend holidays. If you were the youngest of the lot, then you would know how embarrassing it was to take out your textbooks which looked nothing less than picture books in front of the algebra and trigonometry your elder siblings were dealing with. Even a geometry box looked like a treasure trove and you couldn’t wait to grow up and find the value of x that everyone seems to have been looking for years!


Have a lot of money!

Have a lot of money!

Not everyone had the luxury of getting pocket money every month. Most of us only started getting money for our expenses when we started staying away from home for higher studies. Until then, hoarding the ‘chillara’ that the shopkeeper gave back when we were sent for shopping and later buying a packet of Marbles muttaay was the biggest chill we could ever have! We had dreams of stacking dollar bills beneath the pool floor and throwing around money like Richie Rich on CN.

Go to Bangalore

Go to Bangalore

We have all been awed by that chechi/chettan who went to Bangalore and came back looking absolutely nothing like they did when they left! While everyone around us went, “Sho! Ithentha kolam penninte/chekkante!”, we had already made up our minds to go settle in Bangalore when we had the first chance. It was a makeover place for most of us. A paradise on Earth. Wish someone told us about traffic jams and work pressure back then!

Watch A-rated movies

Watch A-rated movies

Remember that time when you accidentally walked into your elder cousins’ room and they suddenly switched channels or turned off the TV the moment you entered? We were all greeted with a cold response which went “Ithinulla praayam ninkk aayitilla, athonda!” and pacified with the promises of an ice-cream treat (which we never got) so that we wouldn’t go, “ Ammmeeee dhey ee chechimaarum chettanmaarum enthokkyo kaanunnu!”


Keep the change!

The wanting to feel rich was maybe there a tad bit in all of us, right? To pull out a wallet from our pockets, count notes and then say, “ Ha change thaan vecho!” That kuliru. Now that we earn money neither do we feel rich nor do we remember that we wished for this years ago. Nobody told us that a lot of ‘praarabdam’ came with living the adult life. 

Hopping onto higher branches has always been our thing. We have always tried to be better which is obviously a good thing. But we never realise that what we have now is something we had always wished for when we were younger. We’ll never take the phrase ‘Grow up’ for granted There are a lot more that you can keep adding up to here, we are sure. Go ahead!

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