Malayalam Dance Numbers We All Grew Up With – Part 3

We’re back with another dance numbers list to give you a nostu trip!

Margazhiye Mallikaye – Megham

When Mammooty wasn’t confident of pulling off a dance number so he called Saroj Kumar ji to fill in.

Kannare Kannare – Rakshasa Rajavu

Nandalala – Part 2!

Enkaralil – Nammal

Kids to the nurse who gave them their first ‘kuthivepp’.

Karuppinazhaku – Swapnakoodu

When the kalyana broker says, “penninu color pora!”

Thinkale Poothinkale – Kalyanaraman

Chackochan might be the one doing all the slick moves, but our attention is on Ramankutty’s antics.

Velmuruka – Naran

The second installment in the A10-Murugan trilogy, Others being Pazhanimala Murukanu and Muruga Muruga.

Chettikulangara – Chotta Mumbai

Though this song is believed to have started the dancing plague of 1518, it is still relevant in 2020. Every bit of it. Except the “Yahooo” maybe.

Thattum Muttum – Puthiya Mukham

When your group dance has absolutely no ‘thaalam’ but the song has your back.

Confusion Theerkaname – Summer In Bethlehem

And while you’re wondering which track to dance to, we’re grooving to Confusion Theerkaname.

This is part 3 of the series. Do check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already.

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