Malayalam Dance Numbers We All Grew Up With – Part 2

This is part 2 of our dance numbers series. Check out part 1 here!

So here’s goes…

Alare Govinda – Kakkakuyil

Except for some people named “Govind”, everyone loved everything about this song.

Pathinalam Ravinte – Sharja To Sharja

Before ‘Smoke Shisha Play FIFA’ there was…

Chingamaasam – Meesa Madhavan

Talk about a high energy dream-dance sequence!

Dhum Dhum Dhooreyetho – Raakilipattu

You’d be lying if you claim that no girl gang in your school danced to this in the cultural fest. It was our very own “Barso Re”.

Thakilu Pukilu – Raavanaprabhu

If ‘Pever’ was a person…

Chundathu – Chronic Bachelor

Most likely remembered as the “Thutthuru Thoothumbi” song.

Chilamboli Katte – C.I.D. Moosa

Udit Narayan × Dileepettan = Match made in Heaven

Ambalakkara – Black

Arguably one of the best Mollywood options for drunk dancing.

All Songs From 4 The People

This 2004 album left a legacy that not many have been able to match even today. Every single song on the album was a killer ‘gift’.

Keep adding to this list in comments!


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