12 Malayalis Share Ridiculous Reasons They Broke Up

Heartbreaks suck! No matter which part of the world you are in, you know that heartbreaks are the worst. When people break up, the world around them gets all sad and gloomy. It makes them want to eat all the junk in the world while watching romantic comedies, and occasionally ‘drunk text’ their ex. Sometimes, the reasons to breakup justifies the act. Sometimes, none of it makes sense.

We asked a few Malayalis to share ridiculous reasons why they had a breakup. Not only were the replies extremely hilarious, but it will also make you wonder how ridiculous we Malayalis can all get.

Do you have any funny breakup stories to share? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Aishwarya Gopinathhttps://pinklungicom.wordpress.com/
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.

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