This Video Of Mohanlal Working Out Is Giving Us Major Fitness Goals

We’re almost half-way through 2019 and we’re still dreaming of hitting the gym to drop that 10 pounds of fat we piled up during late night drinking sessions and birthday parties. While we’re brooding over this fact, megastar Mohanlal is killing it in the gym, drowning us in a pool of guilt.

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Mohanlal is legit making us want to head the gym right now. Duh, if a 59 year old can pick up a rugged rope and train like a boss, so can we. The actor took to Instagram and posted a super hot video of him working out sweating bullets while swinging a battle rope. And it’s the right kind of mid-week motivation you need to head for that workout you’ve only dreamt of. Take a look at Mohanlal working out like a beast.

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Now tell us, did that make you want to throw away the chocolate cake you have hidden in the fridge? That said, you can always be inspired and maybe, this video of Mohanlal is your wake-up call – just sayin’! Also, for the uninitiated, battle rope exercises are one of the best cardio workouts you’ll ever come across. You can work your whole body with it.

And right now, Mohanlal is a huge fan of it. So maybe, you could also give it a try. Why not, right?

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