10 Types Of Malayali Friends We All Have Had

School friends are people who made our life at school bearable and memorable. They’re the ones who had our backs when in need. You may have lost touch with them. You may still be in contact with them, but for all you know, they were there to make good memories and school wouldn’t have been the same without them. Speaking of which, the friends you make in school come in different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, personalities. Their characters made them stand out, and quite surprisingly, we’ve all had these characters in our school life. Here are few types of Malayali friends we’ve all had.

The Padipist

This person is the reason we all could manage to copy our homework without bearing the brunt of the teacher’s fury. When in need, the Padipist was always there. And if you were best friends with the Padipist, you school life was pretty much sorted because the teachers left you alone.

The Choriyan

That friend of yours who couldn’t help but annoy every single living soul around him/her was the Choriyan. This person made our lives miserable yet put a smile on our faces with every chori. The Choriyan is also the person who has survived many episodes of teachers’ yells and shouts, but never really gave a shit about it.

The Kozhi

We’re pretty sure you’ve had a friend who fell in love with some girl/boy every other week. The Kozhi was the lover boy/Casanova of the classroom. You could never take love advice from the Kozhi, but you could sure as hell learn a thing or two about flirting.

The Rebel

The cool kid on the block? That’s the Rebel right there. The Rebels never gave a damn about anything. He/she was kind of like the gunda of the classroom. One could never mess with the Rebel. He/she got into a lot of trouble for breaking the norms and rules, but when it came to helping people out, he/she would be the first one to be approached.

The Theettapandaaram

The person who was always hungry! The Theettapandaaram would either eat food in-between classes or eat from other people’s tiffin during lunch breaks. The canteen was his/her samrajyam. You could never mess with the Theettapandaaram when he/she was hangry.

The Social Butterfly

If you were friends with this one, the whole school would’ve worshipped you. The social butterfly in school was so famous that everyone wanted to be friends with him/her. They had access to most of the ‘cool’ parties and the ‘teacher’s lounge’. Many of you were jealous of the Social Butterfly too, just saying!

The Gossipmonger

They were the worst, we tell you. A wise man once said, “Rumours spread like wildfire.” The Gossipmongers were the ones who lit that fire. You hated them for it, but you’re guilty too for you liked hearing new gossip. We mean, who didn’t love listening to the latest, hot gossip about the student in the other classroom?

The Copy Expert

If you ever needed advice to copy during exams, the Copy Expert was the person to go to. He/she knew all the tricks in the book, and has never been caught even once. They’re the ones who grew up to be hackers – just kidding!

The Porn Rajavu

The Porn Rajavu had access to a truckload of (variety) porn in his hard disk. Sometimes, the Porn Rajavu would make money off of it or he would hand them over to his friends for free, if they were lucky.

The Eye Candy

We all couldn’t keep our eyes away from him/her. The eye candy in the school was the person who was way out of everyone’s league. They’re every move was monitored (more like, stalked) from a distance. If you weren’t one of those ‘observing from a distance’, you were most probably the Eye Candy.

Tag your school friends to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

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