10 Types of Girlfriends We’ve All Had In Our Dating Lives

Recently, we had put up a post on the Types pf Boyfriends We’ve All Had In Our Dating Lives, and the response we got was killer. Many of you requested for a girlfriend version, so here it is!

Hate them, love them, but you can’t ignore them.

The Chill Machi

She’s the kind of girlfriend who is pretty chill in life. She’s the badass girl who is difficult to read. She takes pride in the fact that she doesn’t not give two f*cks about anything, and does what she thinks is best. People would refer to her as a ‘bitch’, but wouldn’t dare mess with her.

The Juliet

She’s the Juliet to her Romeo. No matter what life throws at her, she would do anything to be with her boyfriend. She’s believes in true love and will never lose hope in her relationship. The ultimate kind of love, some would say.

The Kanthari

You cannot mess with her. She can keep your mouth shut with her witty replies and snarky remarks. You need to have a vere level tolerance to be with her. But, no matter how strong she is one the outside, she has a soft corner for her partner on the inside.

The One Who’s Older Than You

She’s the kind who only likes to be with guys younger to her. This girlfriend finds solace in being with guys who’re not as mature as her yet intelligent enough to be at par with her. She likes to be the dominant one in the relationship, but her love is always cherished.

The Older Guy Syndrome

This girl loves to be with guys who’re way older to her. She has a fetish for older guys because she finds them hot, mature, and stable. She prefers having sex with ‘experienced guys’ and like the way she feels around them.

The Monjathi

The Monjathi is a rare find. When she is around, she has a flock of boys following her around, mesmerised by her beauty. Her boyfriend is considered the ‘lucky one’ in the group.

The Fighter

She has a strong character and the personality of a queen warrior. Oh, she won’t back down from a fight with her boyfriend. If you slap her with harsh words, she will comeback with a bucketload of theris.

The Naadan Pennu

The Naadan Pennu is all about living by the traditional norms of the society. She is very scared to break her faith in age-old tradition, and even if she manages to do it, she will die out of guilt.

The Tomboy

She exhibits characters that are usually associated with guys. Some men like that about her. The tomboy engages in activities which are male-dominated. She doesn’t care what others think about her; she’s the unconventional girl in the Big Girlfriends Club.

The Best-friend Turned Girlfriend

Great friends make great lovers. She’s the best kind of girlfriend anyone could have. From being your shoulders to cry on to banking on each other for everything, the best-friend turned girlfriend is a charm to have in life.

We’re pretty sure you’ve meet at least one of these personas in your dating life. If we have missed out on any, drop a comment below.

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