10 TV Shows You Should Watch If You’ve Had A Long Day

This is a mixed bag of interesting shows you should check out, especially after a long day at work. From documentary shows to reality TV to offbeat sitcoms, this mixed bag list has something for everyone.


The show that told you that moving to New York and finding a beautiful apartment and living with your 5 best friends was a ‘totally’ possible life goal. The seemingly effortless and genius talent that went into creating this classic sitcom is incomprehensible. Be it divorce, unemployment, performance anxiety in bed, pregnancy, unrequited love, there is nothing that your buds can’t help you get through.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

If you were a fan of Seinfield, chances are, you’d probably like hanging out with Jerry Seinfield in his expensive cars with his other celebrity comedian buddies. It’s exactly what the title says. Comedians driving around, poking fun at everything on their way to a cafeteria. It’s an easy watch and hilarious in a genuine sort of way.

Parks and Recreation

We all know how boring and frustrating government offices can be. Parks follows ambitious Leslie Knope, the deputy director of a small-town Govt. parks department, as she and her staff of colourful misfits try their best to make positive change in the wacky and slightly surreal fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. P&R was originally meant to be The Office set in the public sector. But the show soon spread its wings into something far more heartwarming and optimistic.

Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere

This one is for all you closeted ASMR fans. Essentially a 90s Sunday morning show that teaches people how to paint, this show is now easily one of the most soothing shows ever created. Watch and listen to Bob Ross as he takes you step by step into how to make a beautiful painting while you drift off into your sleep after a long tiring day.

The Blue Planet II

The follow-up to the award-winning BBC show The Blue Planet is a breathtaking exploration of the world’s oceans. Hour long episodes capture animals and other living organisms in their natural habitat. Legendary BBC narrator and host Sir David Attenborough presents the viewer with a fascinating insight into what life is like underwater in oceanic ecosystems from the tropical seas to the harsh Arctics. Never before seen areas of the planet are uncovered with modern day technology and scientific equipment with Hans Zimmer at the helm of the musical scores.

Russian Doll

Groundhog Day meets Happy Death Day with a pinch of Maniac. Russian Doll, follows Nadia, who keeps dying, then resetting to the night of her 36th birthday party, hosted by her hipster friend Maxine, over and over again. This show is NOT what you think it’s gonna be and avoids cinematic cliches like the plague. It also has amazing music and boasts an interesting and diverse ensemble of actors. A must watch.

Thera Para

Malayalam online content is on the rise and few other shows have made a mark among Malayalis all over the world the way Thera Para has. The hilarious misadventures of Lolan, George, Shibu and Shambu are chronicled in this mini web series from Malayalam YouTube channel Kariku. Do catch this well scripted and enacted show if you haven’t already!

American Vandal

A high school documentarian decides to investigate the mysterious case of phallic graffiti that have popped up in the school parking lot that got his classmate expelled. A perfect mockumentary that parodies true crime shows, American Vandal is a lot more than just a 4 hour dick joke. It satirizes the education system and  the criminal justice system in a hilarious yet thought provoking way.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an adult animated adventure comedy that is easily one of the best shows to come out of Adult Swim. Genius grandpa Rick and his whiny grandson Morty have inter dimensional adventures saving the day/world/galaxy on a regular basis. The weird and the disgusting are in plenty in this uproariously funny and smart show. Things get meta real fast. Check out the trailer.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a perfect reality show that follows the Fab Five — Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby, Tan, and Antoni — making over a man’s entire life. It’s a life-affirming makeover show that has incredibly maintained the right tone across five seasons. Guaranteed to brighten up your day. 

That’s our top ten list of shows that clocked high on the feel-good meter. A tried and tested remedy for all those times when stuff happens that puts your life in second gear !

Hope you enjoy the content and do write back how you found them!


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