10 Ridiculous Superstitions We Were All Forced To Believe In

Superstitions have a way of creeping into our lives and it begins right from our very own homes. Our parents and relatives spoon-feed it to us as children, and our teeny-tiny brains end up believing it. Some say they aren’t superstitious at all, but they’re the same people who say ‘God Bless’ when they see someone sneeze or ‘Touch Wood’ when they don’t want to jinx their own words. 100% of the time, superstitions are irrational, even though our older generations would beg to differ. Then again, we pretend to believe these superstitions out of respect for our elders.

Speaking of superstitions, we decided to ask our PinkLungi family to tell us the most bizarre superstitious they were forced to follow. We got some amazing replies. Some, you may even relate to. You’d definitely want to check them out.

If we have missed out on some ridiculous superstition, don’t forget to drop a comment below! We’d love to hear what you’ve been force-fed.