10 Little-known Netflix Shows All Malayalis Should Watch

You’ll not hear people say ‘Netflix & Chill’ often in Kerala. Instead, you’ll hear them say “Nammuku chill cheyam bro”. Now, the meaning Malayalis attribute to that can differ, but watching movies is definitely part of that jargon, thanks to Mollywood’s iconic movie standards. But every now and then, we love to explore other content that Mollywood doesn’t promise. That’s where Netflix comes to the rescue (red cape and all). Netflix has given us an array of raw content we’ve grown to appreciate over time. Which is why, we’re going to list down a list of underrated Netflix shows that deserve your undying attention. 

American Vandal

Some would call this show super weird. We’d call this an interesting watch if you’re not in the mood to watch something erudite. It’s a mockumentary series that makes fun of crime documentaries in a very quick-witted, off the wall kind of way. So if you have ample time to waste, this series should be your go-to. 


We’re a huge fan of romantic comedies. And maybe that’s why Lovesick has made it to the list. Funny thing though, we’re sick of (flimsy) love. But this series, right here, has a Love Actually twist. When a guy finds out about his STD, he goes on a woman hunt, dedicating each episode to the girls he has been with. Get ready to revisit love like never before.


In life, things never go as planned. Fauda is proof of it. In an attempt to capture an enemy, a retired officer and his team goes undercover until it is blown. To know what happens next, you’ll have to watch the show. The actual tone of the show is weighty. Despite its flaws, it’s worth the watch.

Big Mouth

You know that puberty has never been kind to you when you watch a series like the Big Mouth. The extremely sexual and outright portrayal of teens entering the world of puberty is genuinely clever. It will take you back to the time when you got your first pimple and when masturbation was pure bliss. Through the piles of sexual innuendo, the handful of jokes is just momentous.


This is series is about women, sorry, women wrestlers. They are unapologetic, occasionally annoying, and horrible at putting up a fight, but they’re damn good actors (because that’s what their job calls for in the series). This series is no joking matter if you wish to remain lackluster. But, it’s a good one-time watch on no-sunshine, rainy days. 


As the title suggests, the series is about two FBI agents who try to psychoanalyze serial killers in order to understand why they kill they way they do. Mindhunter is seriously gripping if you’re into thrillers (and blood – lots and lots of blood). The character-based series is truly worth watching if you want to know what goes in the minds of serial killers. 

Dear White People

Feminism and racism – the main crux of this series. We’re going to let you decide if you like it or not. You can hate it, you can love it, but you can’t ignore the sarcasm and truth. It’s soul-destroying if you think intersectionality doesn’t exist. It’s sensational if you believe in the feminist understanding of black lives.

The Haunting of Hill House

It’s scary, in a very heart-wrenching way. The soundtrack of the series will haunt you for days. The scenes will disturb you and leave you feeling disconcerting. But nevertheless, it’s beautiful. It will make you question ghostly imagination to mental health (and vice-versa). The narrative is brilliantly designed to make you feel attached yet perplexed with each character and it will leave your mind haunted. 

Alias Grace

Did she or did she not? We’re talking about whether the protagonist committed the murder or not. You wouldn’t know up until the very end. The thrilling alternative of the storyline will keep you wanting for more. Mind you, do not lose sight of her narrative. You need to listen carefully in order to find out the answer to the murder question.

Little Things

These days, filmmakers tend to portray relationships in a not so relatable manner. In a world filled with pseudo love and pretend relationships, Little Things happen to show honesty and genuineness. You’ll have to watch the first season on YouTube to understand the premise of the storyline. The second season grows more complicated as the couple’s relationship gets shaped into a much more serious one. Complications come in-between them and it’s how they tackle their problems that will give you relationship goals.

Do you think we’ve missed out on more? Let us know in the comments below.

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